Working out with a newborn

I want to share how I’ve been able to workout 4-6x a week with a newborn. Of course a big part of my success is being a stay home Mommy and having the flexibility and time to workout. But no matter what your situation is I truly believe that if it’s important to you you will make time for it!


Working out with a newborn

• Barre

Modern Milk allows you to either bring your baby into the class or their childcare. At the time I went Cruz hadn’t had all her vaccines so I brought her into the class and she was such a good girl. My butt cheeks were pretty sore after this class, I always underestimate how good of a workout barre is.


• Stroller Striders

I joined other local Mamas for a Mommy & baby workout with Fit 4 Moms Phoenix/Scottsdale. The workout included body weight, running or walking, and resistance band exercises.


• Running

This is one of my favorite things to do with Cruz. It’s a solid workout just pushing the stroller, which all together weighs ~40lbs (including baby Cruz)!!

While running with the stroller, I find it best to push it with one hand and run along side it. Every 5 minutes or so I switch arms.

• Gym with baby

Love that my apartment gym is completely dead around the time people go to work. I’m able to bring Cruz in her stroller and most of the time she’s asleep.

1 mile warm up 9:10
4 rounds, 45 secs on, 20 sec rest
Ball Slams
Shoulder Press
Russian Twists

• Crossfit

Papago Crossfit gym is so badass! I loved it and the owner/trainer was awesome, he allowed me to bring Cruz too! I had Cruz in her stroller while I worked out. There were times when she cried and got fussy, but luckily the pacifier keeps her quiet.

Baseline workout (because it was my first time at this gym): 500m row, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 pushups, 10 pullups
Workout: farmer carry + run x3, AMRAP 12mins – 500m row, 21 KB swings, 11 pullups

This workout was no joke!!!! This is the kind of workout I love, it’s challenging and fun!
IMG_6197.JPG IMG_6192.JPG

• Hiking

One of my favorite things to do with Cruz!! I bring a backpack full of water and snacks no matter what the temperature or distance it is because you just never know. I carry Cruz in a baby bjorn and make sure she has sunscreen on and is dressed appropriately.

My favorite Mommy and Baby hikes: 
Soliders Pass Trail in Sdedona, Arizona (photo below)
Lost Dog Wash Trail in Scottsdale, AZ
McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale, AZ (second & third photo below)


• Walking

This was something I loved doing while waiting for my body to recover after delivery. There were weeks where I felt stir crazy but a simple walk would help so much. My favorite thing to do was walk a couple miles and then have a picnic with Cruzy.


• Waking up at the crack of dawn

This is the only way I am able to workout by myself during the week. My husband leaves for work at 8:30am so I aim for a 5/6am class.

My favorite workout at the crack of dawn is Bodi. After the workout I head home, make breakfast for hubs and I, and nurse Cruz before we have to take hubs to work.

If Cruz happens to wake up while I’m working out there are breastmilk bottles (I try to pump at least 1x a day) in the fridge and he just heats it up and feeds her.

On the weekends I have more flexibility because hubs can watch Cruzy all day. For the past two weeks I’ve been going to Bodi’s Track workout at 8am on Saturday’s. I love the track workouts!!! I come home in such a great mood.

Track workout: 2x – 300m sprint, 300m walk, 200m sprint, 200m walk, 100m sprint, 100m walk. 4x – 100m sprint, 100m walk. (my watch only tracked the sprinting)

Postpartum Workout Schedule

7 weeks postpartum
Saturday: rest
Monday: 1m run + strength workout (with Cruz)
Tuesday: Bodi Strength workout (without Cruz)
Wednesday: 3m run (with Cruz)
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 4m run (with Cruz)

8 weeks postpartum
Saturday: 7m hike in Sedona (with Cruz)
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3m run (with Cruz)
Wednesday: Barre with Cruz at Modern Milk
Thursday: Boot Camp (6am class without Cruz)
Friday: Stroller Striders workout (with Cruz)
Saturday: rest

9 weeks postpartum
Saturday: rest
Monday: 1m run + abs (with Cruz)
Tuesday: Stroller Striders workout (with Cruz)
Wednesday: Papago Crossfit workout (with Cruz)
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3m run 9:06 pace (with Cruz)
Saturday: rest

10 weeks postpartum
Saturday: rest
Monday: Arms + Abs (with Cruz)
Tuesday: Bodi Strength workout (without Cruz)
Wednesday: 15 min HIIT + 3m hike (with Cruz)
Thursday: Barre with Cruz at Modern Milk
Friday: 2.5 mile walk (without Cruz) + 3m run (with Cruz)
Saturday: Track workout with Bodi (without Cruz)

11 weeks postpartum
Saturday: rest
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3m run (with Cruz)
Wednesday: Strength workout (5am without Cruz) + 2.5m Camelback Mountain hike (without Cruz)
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3m hike at McDowell Mountain (with Cruz & Mother-in-law)
Saturday: Track workout with Bodi (without Cruz)

It’s important for me to take care of my body and continue doing the things I love! 



Inspiring stuff! You’re going to have a bomb proof baby 🙂

What are your thoughts on running with baby in stroller? Everything I’ve read says wait til at least 6 months.


I think it’s fine! There was no way I could wait 6 months. Besides, if Cruz was uncomfortable or in pain I feel I would know.

I make sure I run on a smooth surface, my pace stays around 8:30-9 (not super fast), I cover the carseat with a light blanket if the sun is in her eyes, and my stroller has a good head support so her head isn’t bouncing. I also ran throughout my pregnancy so she LOVES the movement, she cries when I get stuck at a light mid run.


Yes I agree and would do the same! It’s hard to know. I feel like there’s always going to be someone that says you’re doing it wrong but you need to go with instinct.


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