What’s in My Hospital Bag

I have done a lot of research and asked a lot of Mom’s about what I should bring with me to the hospital. I’ve done my best to only bring what I think are essentials. Hope my list helps you and your baby’s arrival!

I procrastinated putting our bags together, but finally at 37 weeks I am proud to say it is done!!

Update: I have given birth to our beautiful baby girl Cruz (January 11th, 2017) a little over a week ago and I did a kickass job with our hospital bags! I brought exactly what we needed, with the exception of a few things I didn’t use…continue reading to see what I ACTUALLY used! 


Mommy’s List


1. Throwaway Chonies

Apparently you bleed for daysssss after delivery, I didn’t even know this until a couple months ago!! I bought Fruit of the Loom boy shorts 6 pack and plan to toss them once the bleeding ends.

What I actually used: These were amazing and snug. I used the cloth/disposable undies the hospital had but they were too big so by the second day of being in the hospital I used my own. 

2. Nursing Bra

I plan to breastfeed as soon as she pops out. I got a $20 nursing sports bra from Macy’s that is super supportive and has easy access for breastfeeding.

What I actually used: I didn’t wear this until I left the hospital, but I’m happy I brought it because it’s the only bra that fits well. 

3. Pjs, robe, socks, hat, slippers, fit splint

Night gown that is nursing friendly, one pair of sweats, 2 big shirts (1 nice one for going home & one for pjs), robe, 3 pairs of socks, hat, slippers and my fit splint. I want to be as comfy as possible but still look somewhat decent when I leave the hospital because I know I’ll be taking pictures with her.

What I actually used: My nursing night gown was the best thing I could’ve brought and I wore it the entire time when I wasn’t in my hospital gown. My robe was such a great idea too, I wore that on top of my hospital gown to make sure I didn’t flash anyone. I used 2 pairs of socks because I was in the hospital for only 48 hours. I never used my hat, slipper or fit splint. 

4. Sandals for shower

This takes me back to the college days of wearing sandals in the shower.

What I actually used: I never used these for the shower because I didn’t really care, all I cared about was my hubs & baby. 

5. Going home outfit

Most likely be sweats, loose shirt, sneakers, hat, and jacket.

What I actually used: I wore sweats, loose shirt, jacket, and sneakers. It was the perfect going home outfit.

6. Toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, brush, hair ties, lotion, makeup, and chapstick. I hear that bringing chapstick is HUGE!

Makeup must haves: face lotion, waterproof mascara (I plan to be crying the entire time), makeup removal wipes, chapstick, tinted moisturizer

What I actually used: CHAPSTICK is a must have and I kept beside me the entire time. I used pretty much all of the toiletries I brought. Waterproof mascara was the best idea. 

7. Nursing Pillow

I want to bring this so I can learn how to breastfeed with it.

What I actually used: I’m happy I brought this but had I forgotten it I would’ve been fine just using hospital pillows. 

8. Pillow & blanket

I never sleep well outside my own bed so I thought bringing my favorite pillow and blanket would make things a little more familiar and comfortable.

What I actually used: Hubs and I both brought our own pillow and blanket and it was the best idea ever. I felt so comfortable and at home. 


9. Drinks & Snacks

I am bringing my water bottle because I never go anywhere without it. I also want to bring a few gatorades and healthy snacks (nuts, granola bars, fruit).

What I actually used: Cruz came 11 days early and I didn’t have a chance to pack any snacks. The only thing I was able to pack was my water bottle. 

10. Prenatal vitamins

I’ve done a decent job at taking these on a daily basis and I plan to continue while I breastfeed. I use the MegaFood – Baby and Me brand.

What I actually used: I forgot these but luckily the hospital gave me some. 

11. Electronics

Power outlet strip, phone chargers, camera, camera charger, tripod, go pro, go pro charger, and go pro chest strap.

What I actually used: We used all electronics!!!!!! 

12. Documents

Insurance card, driver licenses, hospital registration forms.


Baby Cruz

  1. 1. Swaddle blankets

  2. Bringing 3 because they are all my favorites and there’s no way I can narrow it down! I’m bringing the pineapple, blueberry, and poppy swaddle blankets from Little Unicorn.
  3. What I actually used: So happy I brought all three! 
  4. 2. Onesies

  5. I plan to bring 3 full footed onesies with mittens attached to it. I am bringing LovedBaby white newborn onesie, another newborn onesie from her Grandma, and a 0-3 month in case she is too big for the other onesies.

If I have a natural birth I will only be at the hospital for 24-48 hours and with a C-section 3-4 days, so I am using this as a guide. I rather have too much than not enough. I’m also aware the hospital gives us onesies too, but it won’t hurt having our own because I plan to take sooo many photos of her.

What I actually used: Only used the white newborn onesie. Cruz was only 5lbs 8oz and even the onesie we used was huge on her!

  1. 3. Coming home outfit

  2. Hubs and I wanted her coming home outfit to be simple and cute. We got a LovedBaby white onesie, corral bow from Baby Bling Bows, and she will be wrapped in one of the swaddle blankets.

What I actually used: We used this outfit but instead of the headband we used a beanie the hospital gave us. I ended up using the bow for professional newborn pictures. 

  1. img_9389
  2. 4. Socks, Mittens, Beanie, Pacifier

  3. Her socks are so small and barely take up any room so I’ll bring 1-2 pairs. Definitely bringing hubs baby socks from when he was a newborn! I have onesies with mittens built in so not sure if I’ll even need them, but just in case I’ll bring one pair. I believe the hospital provides a pacifier, but like I’ve been saying I’ll bring one of ours just in case.

What I actually used: Didn’t use or need any of this. The hospital provides a beanie and pacifier. And the socks ad mittens are needed. 

  1. 5. Warm blanket

  2. It was hard deciding which one because we have so many cute blankets from family! But, I ended up going with her super soft pink Little Giraffe blanket. It will be the end of January when I deliver so it will be cold.

What I actually used: Very happy we brought this! 

6. Baby book

I recently bought hubs and I a Baby’s First Year book from Lucy Darling and there is a page for her foot prints. I plan to bring this to the hospital so they can stamp them on there for me.

What I actually used: I got her foot prints stamped in the book!! 


  1. 7. Car seat

  2. We installed this in our car around 36 weeks and it is ready to go. The stroller portion is in the truck. Also, remember that the hospital WILL NOT let you leave without a proper car seat. And make sure you do a good job at installing it and learning how to work it.
  3. IMG_0014IMG_0072



Daddy’s stuff is pretty easy and he also has the ability to stop by home if he forgets anything.

1. Comfy clothes

This includes sweats, basketball shorts, t-shirts, comfy shoes, and sandals.

2. Pillow & Blanket

I want him to be comfy too!

3. Toiletries

4. Baby books

Hubs thought it was a good idea to bring a few baby books for Cruz. I have no idea if we will have time to read to her but it just made my heart melt when he suggested this. He is going to be such a good daddy!!!!

What I actually used: This was such a good idea but we never got around to reading to her. 

Review of what’s in Baby, Mommy & Daddy’s Hospital Bag


So in love with my little family <3




Holy moly! A huuuuuge congrats to you and your family. Cruz is absolutely beautiful! xoxo

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