What To Do The Week Before Your Half Marathon


Nike Women’s Half Marathon race weekend is finally here!! I feel excited, nervous (mainly for mile 10), and overwhelmed. I have so much to do, pack, and plan. So, I decided I need to put it all out on the table and hope that I can help relieve some of your pre-race gitters too!

What To Do The Week Before Your Half Marathon

Workout: If your training wasn’t exactly what you planned it to be, don’t try to cram it all in the last week. This is the week to taper and go easy on your body. The last thing you want is to be sore during race day. So, focus on cross training, short runs, and lots of stretching! (for my training plan click here)

Nutrition: It’s a common misconception that you NEED to eat loads of pasta the night before a race. You’re wrong! Carb loading is actually something you should be doing the week prior. This doesn’t mean load up on all the donuts and chips, but fuel up a little extra than normal on healthy carbs such as quinoa and whole wheat bread. And whatever you choose to eat the night before race day, make sure it’s a normal meal and nothing adventurous. Something as simple as brown nice, lean protein, and veggies is perfect! (for more about workout nutrition click here)

Hydration: Of course it’s important to always be properly hydrated, but even more so during race day. You have to factor in all the water that is depleted by sweating, so hydrate throughout the race. And don’t wait to drink until you are thirsty, this is usually a tad bit too late. To prevent dehydration have a plan, drink water every 2-3 miles or whatever works for you – just be consistent.

Race outfit: Theeee most exciting thing about race day!! Never wear something you haven’t worn before, especially for bottoms. Wear something you would normally wear during a long run.

Top: TBD
Bottoms: Nike Epic Run 5-Inch Shorts
Socks: Stance Fusion Run Socks
Shoes: Nike LunarGlide 7
Watch: Garmin Forerunner 220

Packing: I always wait until the last minute to pack, but here are a few things I don’t want you to forget to bring: throw away jacket/pants/gloves, headphones, charger, ear plugs or ZzzQuil, chapstick, extra hair ties, and snacks.


Race With A Plan

Although I originally had no specific goal for this race I still want to run smart, so I plan to split the race into 3 sections. The first part I will run with my personality, the middle with my head, and the end with my heart.

Running with Personality: This means high fiving the hell out of people, smiling, enjoying the scenery, but most of all having fun!

Running with my Head: There’s comes a time during any race that you are in your head – you’re tired, you’re doubting yourself, and you question why you chose to run 13.1 miles for fun. Put all of that aside, remember all the reasons why you are running. The most important part is knowing that you can do this, that you trained months for this. One foot in front of the other, you got this!!!!

Running with my Heart: I run because I am able to. I run because somehow exhausting myself relaxes me. I feel proud to be a runner. So, when my legs start to get tired this is when I plan to run with my heart. I know that my love for running will get me to the finish line!


You have to start slow with the music and then let it build throughout the race. You want to keep the really inspirational and high tempo songs for the huge hill at mile 10.

One Man Can Change The World – Big Sean
Harder Times – Snoop Lion
Downtown – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Juicy – Notorious B.I.G.
679 – Fetty Wap
Bout Me – Ace HoodIMG_5693

Wish me luck and I’ll see you at the finish line!! xoxo



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