Week 7 Boston Marathon Training


This was a solid week of training!

I miss all the cross training I used to do, mainly lifting and cycling. I plan to make an effort to incorporate it more.

My weekly mileage feels low, but honestly it’s been hard to find the time. I have a very demanding school schedule that requires a lot of studying (physiology, advanced nutrition, and biochemistry). But, every week I have a chance to start fresh and juggle my time better. I have a goal and I plan to do everything I can to reach it!! 7 weeks until Boston!!

IMG_6010Photographer: John Trice
Models: Me, Kate, & Ashleigh

Sunday: Rest 

Monday: 5 miles easy at Rose Canyon Trail
Run details: 5m, 44:09, 8:49/mi
Splits: 8:46, 8:21, 8:48, 9:19, 8:53

Tuesday: 4 miles easy at La Jolla Cove & HIIT at The Boxing Club
Run details: 4m, 35:51, 8:58/mi
Splits: 8:59, 8:59, 8:53, 8:59

Warm up: 10 mt climbers & 10 jumping jacks, 9 mt climbers & 9 jumping jacks —> 1 mt climber, 1 jumping jack
Workout: 60 second work 15 rest / 2 rounds
-Split Squats
-2 front raise + 1 fly
-Hold squat
-Lateral bear crawls with tuck jump
-Pistol squats
-Bicep curls
-Small in and out squats
-Lateral raises
-Walking spider man push up
-Regular bear crawls


Wednesday: Boxing at The Boxing Club

This was a fun workout. Felt so good to block everything out and punch a bag!


Thursday: 7.5 speed work at Eucalyptus Grove & UCSD track
Run details: 7.5m

2 mile warm up (splits: 9:49, 9:30)
6 x 800 @5K pace (splits: 3:40, 3:49, 3:38, 3:23, 3:22, 3:23) *goal was around 3:30
400 jog in between (splits: 2:15, 2:43, 2:31, 2:32, 2:33, 2:24)
1 mile cool down (split: 8:46)

I felt so good during this workout, especially when my last three 800 meters were under my goal. I absolutely love speed workouts! I am definitely feeling faster!


Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles solo + 10 miles with Allie in Solana Beach 
Run details: 5m, 41:19, 8:16/mi + 10 miles, 1:32:43, 9:17/mi
Splits: 8:11, 8:03, 8:20, 8:29, 8:13 + 8:56, 9:01, 9:08, 9:14, 9:18, 9:39, 9:18, 9:51, 10:21, 7:51

Breakfast before run: Whole wheat pancakes and water (I should’ve eaten more!)
During run: Water and whole pack of CLIF Bloks
After: Naked Cafe in Solana Beach – potatoes, toast, eggs, & bacon

Allie made this run so enjoyable! Believe it or not, this was my first time meeting her in person. We met through insta and when she came to SD for vacay I knew I had to meet her. This is one of my favorite parts about social media, the chance to connect with kickass people!




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7 WEEKS until Boston, whaaaat?! I’m so excited to see how you do. I just know you’re going to kill it. Thanks for the shoutout!


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