Week 6 Boston Marathon Training


Week 6 started out strong and then I hit a wall towards the end of the week. Initially I felt guilty about taking a few more rest days than expected but then I realized it is not going to make or break my training. I need to get back to enjoying these runs more and not putting so much pressure on myself. My goal of a 3:45 is driving me loca! I’m such a competitive person, but I’m trying to refocus my energy on not being so number oriented. At the end of the day, I run because it makes me happy. 

Sunday: Yoga with Yoga Out Loud fo free every Sunday at 10am around San Diego!


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7.25 miles easy & HIIT workout with Bosu ball / ab workout 

Bosu workout at The Boxing Club [1 min work, 15 sec rest // 2 rounds]

Mountain climbers
Deep squats
3 push ups
Toe Touches
Split Squat R foot
Split Squat L
50 chest press, 50 at 45*, 50 shoulder press
Plank push up
Up and over squats
Single leg bridge R
Single leg bridge L
Plank wobble + push up
Back extensions
Side plank

Wednesday7 miles speed work at Mesa College track
Run details: 7m, 58:43, 8:22/mi

2 mile warm up
4 x 1200 at 10k pace, 400 easy
1 mile cool down

1200 meters were tough, but I needed a challenging workout. I could only run at the hottest time of the day, so I made sure to drink plenty of water every mile or so. I also ate a few CLIF Bar Bloks because I was hungry.

Thursday: 7.75 miles at Torrey Pines
Run details: 7.75m, 1:09:20, 8:58/mi
Splits: 8:43, 9:39, 9:04, 8:52, 8:46, 8:26, 8:53, 6:53

I realized I enjoy running a lot more when there is an ocean view. I plan to make at least one run a week by the beach. This photo was taken in the Guy Fleming Trail.


Friday: Rest

Saturday: Active Rest – 2 mile hike at Ho Chi Minh Trail

I was supposed to run 10-12 miles on Saturday. I decided to not run because I wanted to give myself a break mentally/physically and to just hang with the hubs. Lately, I have been putting a lot of pressure on making sure I do every single workout, but I needed to just relax. It was exactly what I needed, got 9+ hours of sleep every night this weekend and so much downtime. And I had the best breakfast this morning, Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Pancakes with 2 slices of bacon!!!

Don’t be afraid to just check yourself now and then. You will not lose any of the progress you have made. Remember all the reason why you feel in love with running, get back to that place.

TOTAL MILES:  24 miles


Team CLIF Bar

I received a 60 day out package from CLIF Bar this week!! It was full of bars, chews, and energy food. My new favorite fuel is the Citrus Bloks during my long runs.

I feel so lucky to be a part of such an awesome company. Less than 9 weeks and I get to meet Team CLIF Bar runners in Boston!



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