Week 15 Boston Marathon Training Plan


Last full week of marathon training. Monday is the big day!

All the training I have done over the past 15 weeks led up to this point. I am so ready to run this race!!

Monday: 1m + Arms, Legs, Abs 
Run details: 8:12 (treadmill) 

Bicep curls
Hammer curls
Chest press
Burpee with shoulder press
3 way squats

Abs on bosu for 5 minutes

Tuesday: HIIT at The Boxing Club + 3 miles

Workout: 2 rounds – 1 min work, 15 sec rest (need a 25# plate)
Bent over row
Wide squat with bicep curl
Shoulder press
Side lunge R
Side lunge L
Upright row
Jump lunges
Bicep curls
Push up to frogger
3 way squats

3 miles on treadmill 25:41

Teaching my HIIT at The Boxing ClubIMG_0831

Wednesday: Rest

My glutes were sore! It probably wasn’t the best idea to do legs two days in a row.

Thursday: 3 miles + ART appointment 
1 mile run to gym (7:43)
1 mile treadmill after teaching HIIT (8:53)
1 mile run home (7:53)

I had to get this last ART session in before I fly out tomorrow on Friday. My body still feels a little sore, partly from legs earlier this week and from this appointment. I hope the soreness will go away asap because I got a marathon to run!!!


Lunch – slowly increasing my carb intake IMG_0993

Friday: Rest 

Flying to Boston! I leave SD at 11:35 and arrive in Boston at 8pm. I am staying here with Team CLIF Bar.


CLIF Bar has tons of exciting things planned for us!
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.36.08 PM

Saturday: BAA 5k

I took this 5k very easy, so easy that my pace was close to 10 minute miles.


Sunday: 3 mile shake out run with Clif Bar 

Boston is beautiful…and COLD!

Total: 13.1 miles


Monday: 1m + Arms, Legs, Abs
Tuesday: HIIT + 3m
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3m + ART apt
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3.1m easy
Sunday: 3m shake out run

Total: 13.1 miles


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