Training Schedule

I have big plans for 2015! I want to build my speed and get stronger. I am looking to sign up for another half/full marathon, in hopes of qualifying for New York or even Boston. I honestly feel that the sky is the limit and if I train hard enough I can do anything I set my mind to.

My training schedule consists of 3 runs and 2 strength training days. My schedule doesn’t always go as planned, but this is a rough outline of what I strive for each week. Creating this plan for myself has made me more accountable and motivated.

I may not be the fastest runner (yet), but I will tell you that I have so much passion and heart for this sport. I am confident that I will kick ass this year!!!



  • Strength training
  • 45 minute workout
  • Warm up: bike, dynamic stretching
  • Cool down: static stretching, rumble roller

2 sets x 20 reps

Burpee to shoulder press
Plank row
Squat jumps
Single leg deadlift with arm curl
Squat chops
Full sit up with medicine ball

Abs – 1 minute each
(after the 2 rounds from above)

Hip dips
Russian twists
Leg raises


  • Easy run
  • I take my Tuesday runs nice and easy. These runs are anywhere from 3-6 miles.


  • Strength training – Leg and core focus
  • 30-40minutes

2 rounds x 10 reps

9 way squats (9 different variations of squats ex. toes in, toes out)
Step up with knee drive
Single leg deadlift
Plank row
Push ups
6 way lunges (ex. lunge with press, lunge with rotation)
Hammer curl to shoulder press
Squat chops
5 flies with 1 front raise (resistance band)

Abs – 1 minute each

Full sit up with 3 punches
Bicycle crunches
Leg raises with press at the top
Left side plank dips
Right side plank dips
Right side unicycle crunches
Left side unicycle crunches
Leg raises with circles


  • Speed work
  • This type of training is major! Without speed work I wouldn’t be able to push my limits and truly build speed.

Dynamic warm up
1 mile warm up
8 rounds (400m fast, 400m easy)
1 mile cool down
Static stretching


  • Rest
  • By the end of the week I am exhausted and sore. I need a day to rest and recover from all the stress I have put on my body. I usually like to have my treat meal today, go to the movies, or a date night!


  • Adventure – hiking, beach day, or just relaxing
  • This is my fun day, nothing too serious or strenuous. It is important I stay on top of my nutrition and hydration to prepare my body for my long run on Sunday.


  • Long run
  • These type of runs are preparing me for my half/full marathon distance. How fast I go isn’t important, just that I get those miles in.



Who takes all your pics for you and what are you using to take them? They are sooooo freakin’ clear!

I follow you on instagram as well as here (although I admit I’m behind on reading a bit) and love all the advice you give! Keep up the great work Andy!!!!


Hi Courteney! You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s actually my husband!! Instead of paying/hiring someone, I thought it would be best to groom my husband into a photographer. These photos are for my blog posts, social media, and also for Finish Line. I am a Brand Influencer for them 🙂

I am so happy you love all the advice, it’s great feedback for me! <3


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