Tips for traveling with Baby


Our first family trip to San Diego!! Cruz was only 12 weeks old and was such an angel on both flights. Although our flight was only an hour I hope that these tips will help you when you travel with your baby!

Flight with Cruz

• Left our house at 8:45pm

• Arrived at Phoenix Airport at 9:15pm

Went straight to Southwest desk to check in bags
– You’re allowed 2 checked bags and a carry on per person
– 3 Checked bags: a bag for Mommy, Cruzy and Papi
– 2 Carry ons: diaper bag and stroller+carseat combo
– Front desk lady had to see our ID’s (obviously) and Cruz’s birth certificate to verify baby is under 2 years old (babies under 2 fly free but have to sit in lap)

Security check: Had to take out Cruz and hold her. I had the choice of opting out (Cruz & I having to get padded down) or going through metal detector. I chose the metal detector because it seemed wayyy too involved/time consuming to opt out. We had to put her car seat and stroller on the conveyor belt. This was where we lost one of her pacifiers ughhh.

Arrived at the gate at 9:50pm. I asked the Southwest lady at the gate to tag ‘Claim at gate’ our carseat and stroller separately (see the yellow tags below).

Boarding: We got to board with the family group which is after A group before B group on Southwest.

Seats on plane: we got a window and middle seat. I sat by the window so that I could face the it and somewhat breastfeed in private, with a breastfeeding cover of course.


Bring 3-4 pacifiers – Somehow we lost 2 pacifiers on this trip!!

Diapers, wipes, burp cloth, extra onesie – Didn’t use any of these because it was only a one hour flight to San Diego but you can never be too careful.

Snacks for Mommy – CLIF bar, string cheese, trail mix, dried fruit, Justin’s peanut butter cup. Breastfeeding and exercising is no joke, I’m hungry AF all the time!

Carseat cover & blanket – I used a light swaddle blanket to cover Cruz in her carseat and a warmer blanket for the flight.

Water bottle – Mommy’s got to stay hydrated!

Bring breastmilk bottle – There’s no limit on the amount of breastmilk according to Southwest Airlines (the 3oz limit DOES NOT apply to medication, formula, milk, or baby food).

Breastfeeding cover – Even though I had a breastmilk bottle I was still prepared to breastfeed on the flight. I made sure to get a seat next to the window so that I could somewhat breastfeed in private.

First flight certificate for baby book – Ask a stewardess about this! You’ll get these tiny wings + certificate.

To help pop baby’s ears during flight – 10-15 minutes before take off and landing I fed Cruz with the bottle/boob or her pacifier to help pop her ears. Basically your baby just needs to be sucking something.

Tips before the trip

Checklist – make a checklist of what you need otherwise it gets overwhelming
Few must-have items we brought: breast pump, bottle warmer, baby carrier, Fisher Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper, tons of diapers (if you have the room), lots of onesies

Pack few days before flight – I waited until the day of the trip and I was so stressed!


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