The Whole Enchilada: Enchiladas with Homemade Red Sauce

I dedicate this post to my Mom, the lady who raised me and shaped me into the woman I am today.

She is the kind of Mom that made every meal at home (yes, that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 7 people!), raised 5 kids while my Dad worked his ass off to provide, and made it to all my soccer games.

Thank you Ria for always being there for me, encouraging me, and teaching me how to make amazing Mexican food. I have no idea how I will ever repay you, maybe with lots and lots of grandchildren.


The Whole Enchilada

Red Enchilada Sauce


1/2 bag Chili California Entero (about 10-12 dried red chilis)
1 cup Chili Water (the water that the chilis will soak in)
2-3 Garlic Cloves
Salt & Pepper


  1. 1. Tear the stem off, rip the chili in half and then deseed and devein.
  2. IMG_7132
  3. 2. Place the deseeded chilis in a large bowl with warm water for 20-30 minutes. Place a plate/bowl on top to keep them completely submerged in water.
  4. IMG_7162
  5. 3. Transfer the soaked chilis into the blender with garlic cloves and chili water until smooth.
  6. IMG_7188 4. With a small/fine strainer, place the blended chilis in and place large bowl underneath to catch the sauce. Use a spoon to push the sauce through the strainer. The point of this step is the get rid of the skin.
  7. IMG_7208 5. Season to taste by adding salt, pepper, cumin or any other spices. Yields little over 1 cup (which is enough to make enchiladas for 4-5 people)

Chicken for Enchiladas


2 Chicken breast, cooked and shredded
1/4 cup Chicken Broth
2 Roma Tomatoes, diced
1/2 Medium Onion, diced
2 Garlic Cloves, minced
1 tbsp cilantro, chopped
Salt & Pepper


  1. 1. In a large skillet boil water and cook chicken breasts (save the homemade broth for the cooked chicken and for the Enchilada recipe that is below).
    2. Once cooked, allow the chicken to completely cool and then shred.
    3. In the same large skillet sauté onions for a few minutes and then add the garlic.
    4. Once onions are slightly translucent, add the diced tomatoes, cilantro, chicken broth, and shredded chicken.
    5. Transfer to a plate to allow it to cool before filling tortilla for enchiladas. Now you have some really juicy pollo for about 4-5 people (this truly depends on how much chicken you put in each tortilla).

Enchilada Recipe


12-15 corn tortillas (few extra because I always rip some)
Chicken for Enchiladas (recipe above)
1 cup Red Enchilada Sauce (recipe above)
1-1.5oz Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
Toppings: Spinach, Nonfat Plain Greek yogurt, Feta


  1. 1. Set up stations and read directions prior to starting! Set out a large skillet with a thin layer of boiling broth, one large baking sheet with enchilada sauce (smear a round circle of red sauce on baking sheet), and a deep pan coated with red sauce for the soon to be baked enchiladas.
  2. 2. Place the corn tortilla in the boiling broth, just a few seconds on each side to soften tortilla. If you leave it too long in the broth then the tortilla will get soggy. 
    IMG_72253. Transfer softened tortilla to the baking sheet with sauce. Fill with chicken mixture and roll tortilla tightly.
    IMG_72414. Be sure to spray tray and then coat with sauce. Then place rolled tortilla in tray. IMG_7214

5. Top with mozzarella cheese. And bake at 350*F for 10 minutes or until cheese is fully melted. Serves about 4-5 people.

  1. IMG_7073IMG_70616. Top with sliced spinach, scoop of plain nonfat greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of feta cheese. IMG_7281
  2. Hope you enjoy these! xoxo
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I love you! Thank you for being such a blessing, can’t wait for the grandbabies to come along and enjoy the best mom ever! So very proud of you. Love, Ria


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