Switchin It Up

IMG_4036Running hasn’t been quite the same for me lately. I’m not as into it as before, maybe I overdid it or am just too competitive. Either way, I have taken these past couple weeks to get some perspective.

What better way to switch things up then to try boxing! This class wasn’t all just boxing liked I had expected, it was full of strength training and cardio all mixed into it.

There’s no greater feeling than hitting that bag with all of your might. My favorite combo: jab, jab, cross, hook, cross. This will now be my go to if anyone tries to mess with me 😉

IMG_4287Today I took a new approach to running. I ran without my watch, so I had no idea how many miles I ran or what my pace was. This may sound easy to some, but for the past 2 years I have wore my pink Garmin watch on every single run. I got too fixated over the numbers, it stopped being fun and I started feeling too much pressure.

My who-knows-how-many-miles run was one of my favorite runs in a long time. No pressure, no watch, not a care in the world…just ME enjoying myself!

IMG_4021Fit Andy Tips to switching it up:
– Try free classes
– Check out groupon deals
– Go on a run without your watch or go to the gym without music/phone. Get in the zone without distractions!
– Feeling burned out? Take a break, breathe, and get some perspective
– Get out of your comfort zone and try something new 🙂

xoxo Andy



I’m so glad you’re trying boxing! I used to be obsessed with kickboxing!! Unfortunately my new gym doesn’t offer it, but when I get a chance I will absolutely do it again. It makes me feel so strong! I hope you love it as much as I did!


I need to try kickboxing asap!! Definitely felt strong after that boxing class, I was sore for nearly a week!! Glad you loved it, now no one can mess with us 😉


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