Staying healthy & active on vacation

How do you keep that balance and not fall off the wagon when you are on vacation?

I would be lying if I said I never worried about this.  I worry about how healthy the food will be, will I be able to get my exercise in, how much alcohol will be consumed and will I even be able to drink my gallon of water each day. I have my routine of 5-6 meals every 2-3 hours, drinking plenty of water and training for my marathon. It is hard when that routine gets thrown off. But, I am on vacation and want to enjoy myself. I want to experience the culture, the food and the company of family & friends.

You can do all of that without one ounce of guilt, because with the right mindset and tips from Fit Andy you will be just fine!

1. Bring snacks with you to the airport. I brought wheat thins, oatmeal, grapes, an apple, homemade granola and greek yogurt. The selection of food at the airport isn’t always the best, so I decided to keep it simple and healthy. Airports do allow you to bring food on your carry on FYI.

2. Go on beach walks with the family.


3. Enjoy the food! All in moderation, right?


4. Go on a run and get a feel for the area you are in. I was able to find a healthy juice bar and a farmers market. My goal on vacation was to be active everyday, whether it was a run, hike, boogie boarding or walking around town. Set a goal and stick with it, it will give you peace of mind while you are enjoying that cocktail later.


5. Bring a large water bottle with you. I brought my 32oz water bottle and was able to stay hydrated. Hydration was so important for me, with my activity, sweating from the humidity and indulging in a few margaritas here and there.


Enjoy every moment with family because how often do you get the opportunity to be [in Sayulita, Mexico] making beautiful memories!!



How do you stay healthy & active on vacation?  Let me know!

Xoxo Fit Andy



Totally could have used this a week ago! Lol but
glad I have it for next time!


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