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Running Watches

My first half marathon back in 2012 I tracked all of my miles using the stop watch on my iphone. Can’t believe I did that, sounds like wayyy too much work now.

Purchasing my first running watch was a game changer and now I can’t imagine a run without it.

Garmin Forerunner 10


My Garmin Forerunner 10 was my first running watch. It was the perfect first watch, it’s was fairly inexpensive (compared to most watches) and super simple to use.

  • Features:
  • •Tracks distance with GPS, pace and calories (never really cared about the calories because I feel it’s inaccurate)
  • •Identifies personal records (fastest mile, 5k, 10k, half, longest run and full marathon)
  • •Able to review runs on Garmin Connect (shows the elevation changes, pace, speed, map of the run etc)
    •For typical use (with GPS on 30 minutes per day), the battery life is 10 days. If used continuously with GPS, the battery life is 5 hours.
    •Price range: $100-130 (there’s cheaper refurbished ones on amazon)

My review:
•I loved it, super simple, lightweight and easy to use. After a couple of years I felt it was time to upgrade. I wanted a watch that showed my pace, time, and distance all on one screen. The Forerunner 10 only showed 2 things on one screen, you would have to scroll to another screen see the other things it was tracking.

•If you have never owned a running watch, want something that is affordable, and works well then this is the watch for you!

Garmin Forerunner 220


Eventually I upgraded to the Garmin Forerunner 220. This watch is ~$100 more than the Forerunner 10, but well worth it! It was the perfect step up from the 10.

  • Features:
    •GPS running watch with high-resolution color display
    •Tracks distance, pace and heart rate (didn’t buy the HR monitor with my watch)
    •Identifies personal records (fastest mile, 5k, 10k, half, longest run and full marathon)
    •Connected to Garmin Connect
    •Features vibration alerts and audible alerts at each mile and will quickly show the pace of that mile
    •Calculates mileage for the week, month and year (I love this feature)
    •Price: $200

My review:
•This is the watch I’m currently using and I love it – I wear it even when I’m not running.
•It’s a little bigger than the Forerunner 10, but I like having a bigger screen.
•Being able to see my pace, distance and time on one screen is awesome.
•I love how it vibrates and flashes my mile time during runs.
•The battery life last much longer than the 10.

•This watch was the perfect upgrade from the 10. But after a couple years I’m ready for another upgrade! I want a watch that I can wear when I’m not working out and be able to track all my outdoor activities!

I have had my eye on the Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire Rose Gold watch and I hope to get this bad boy soon! It can track swimming, cycling, running, triathlon etc. (Price range $500-600)


Finding a watch that works for you

Ask yourself the following:

•What activities do you want to track?

•What specifically do you want to track? Running? HR? Sleep? Steps?

Just some of my thoughts:
-For running (pace, distance, time): Garmin 

-For Heart rate: Garmin or Polar 
-For Sleep: Fitbit (in the picture below)
-For Steps: Fitbit
-Favorite running app: Strava

•How much are you willing to spend?


Tracking your runs

A running watch is a great way to track your runs, push yourself, and see your progress. But a watch can never tell you how amazing you are, so make sure to not get so caught up with the numbers!!!!!



This post has me feeling ready to treat myself, I’ve been wanting a new watch so bad!
Ohh and I love the disclaimer at the end! <3


Do it, you deserve it!!! And yesss the disclaimer at the end couldn’t be more true, I’m always having to remind myself about that <3


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