Running during Pregnancy

Tips for running during pregnancy


Stay hydratedI always carry a 16oz water bottle on me no matter what distance I am running. If I don’t have a water bottle on me then I choose a trail with tons of water fountains along the route. I also drink tons of water throughout the day. Remember that you should base your hydration levels by the color of your urine. Proper hydration is a pale yellow colored urine! Read more about hydration here.

• Pre workout fuel – It’s important to fuel up before run no matter what the distance. For short runs 1-2 miles I’ll eat a banana, for 3-5 miles I’ll eat toast will jelly, 5+ miles I will eat oatmeal with fruit & peanut butter

Nutrition during runI choose CLIF bloks or dates for longer runs over 5 miles. Anything under I am usually fine with just water. Everyone is different so be sure to find what works for YOU!

Post workout mealI aim for something 4:1 ratio carbs to protein (workout nutrition tips here)

Belly supportThe more my baby bump has grown the more support I have needed. I recently bought a maternity fit splint from amazon. Right now I have mixed feelings about it because I generally just hate running with tons of stuff on, but I know as my belly really grows I will need it more.

Be realisticUnderstand that the further along in your pregnancy your pace with slow down and that’s okay. Of course I miss being able to run 6 miles at a sub 8 pace and the sub 10 pace now is not my favorite thing but it’s all my body can do. I am grateful that I can even run this far along in my pregnancy!

Don’t be so hard on yourselfYes, running isn’t quite as comfortable as it once was. Yes, you have to pee a ton. Yes, your boobs are growing and bras chafe you (at least for me). Yes, you can’t run as fast as you once could. Once you come to terms with these kinds of things the better and more enjoyable your runs will be.

How I have solved these problems? I run with music or with a friend, I find a beautiful trail to run on, I accept the fact that I have to take breaks/pee often, I got a new Ta Ta Tamer III bra with bigger cup size, and I understand that my pace is not going to be the same because my body is busy growing a beautiful baby girl!!!! 

Be in tune with your body – Listen to your body!!!!! No one knows your body better than you do. You know where to draw that line, when to slow down, or when to take a rest day. You have to be aware of how you are feeling because it’s not just about you anymore, you are growing a precious baby now!

Take rest days as neededWhen I was training for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in LA, I did NOT follow a structured plan. I chose to run 3x a week or so and I was very flexible with my training. My rest days are very random because I take them as needed. Read more about my workouts from 10 weeks pregnant until now

Run with a buddyRunning with someone makes the miles fly by! Since I have moved to Arizona I have enjoyed running with Amy from The Core Intention.

27 weeks pregnantfullsizerender-33


This is simple for me. I love running and it keeps me sane.

I also know that it has helped keep me healthy/active throughout my pregnancy and will help me during labor + hopefully bounce back quickly after Cruz.

Is it safe?

Ultimately, it is my/my body/baby’s choice whether or not to continue running during this pregnancy. Even if my doctor wasn’t on board I probably wouldn’t have listened because I know my body better than they do. In fact, my first doctor wasn’t really into the idea of me continuing to run. She was worried the baby wouldn’t get enough oxygen blah blah blah. Yes, of course that is a valid point she brings up but I’m not running at a pace where I get no oxygen and she didn’t really understand how long I have been running for or how in tune I am with my body. My second doctor (had to switch insurance) was completely on board!!! It was refreshing to know she and I were on the same page.

As I get further along in my pregnancy of course I will start to slow down and make sure to speak with my doctor on how my baby is progressing. I respect my current doctor and she understands who I am as a new mama and athlete so I’m sure we will adjust as needed.

Any other future mama reading this…I’m sure your situation will be different than mine – you will be at a different fitness level than me, different age etc – you will have the make the decision of what’s best for you and your baby.

Running during my first trimester

I didn’t even feel pregnant. I was running 8-8:30 pace comfortably. My shorts and shirts fit perfect and had no major complaints. At 12 weeks pregnant I ran 14 miles on my high school track for Relay For Life!!

12 weeks pregnant during this shootIMG_6145-1

Running during my second trimester

My longer runs were usually 9-9:30 pace but my shorter distance runs were 8-8:30 pace. The most uncomfortable part about running in this trimester was my boobs growing so quickly. At one point I was wearing 2 sports bra to contain them because the bouncing hurt so much. Unfortunately, I started to chafe where the band is and that was when I knew I need a bigger bra. I started using the restroom and taking more breaks on runs, which I was totally fine with.

fullsizerender-1021 weeks pregnant above & 26 weeks belowfullsizerender-15

Running during my third trimester

Although I’m only a few week into my third trimester, I already feel a big difference. My baby bump is feeling heavy, Cruz weighed 2.6 lbs in my last prenatal appointment at 28 weeks. My boobs have continued to grow and I have had to buy a bigger bra. Shorts and shirts no longer fit the way they use to, so I have been sticking with my larger running shorts and stretchier tanks from Lululemon. I told myself that after I run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon I will start to run shorter distances, somewhere between 2-6 miles. And I will continue to adjust my pace/mileage as needed. I will try to run as long as I can, as long as it’s still fun for me and baby Cruz is safe.

27 weeks pregnantfullsizerender-1429 Weeks pregnant

Fun Fact about when I got pregnant

I got pregnant around the time I ran the Boston Marathon!! Baby Cruz is so going to be a runner like Mommy!

Read more about how we got pregnant here.


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