Why Rest Days Are Important For Exercise

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you are eating 100% clean and exercising 7 times a week. The key to a healthy lifestyle is balance.

Learning to balance all aspects of this lifestyle has taken me a couple years. The most important thing I have learned over time is listening to my body and being flexible with my workouts.

Rest days are important to allow your body to rebuild, repair, and become stronger.


Fit Andy Workout Schedule

My workout schedule is different each week because I want to be challenged, flexible, and keep it fun!

Monday: 7 mile run | 7:48 pace
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 6 mile hike
Thursday: Easy 4 mile run and Upper Body & abs
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: 8 mile run | 8:39 pace
Sunday: Rest


When you exercise you tear muscle fibers. Without rest days you are unable to give your muscles a chance to grow and repair. Rest = Growth!

Remember: get plenty of sleep, drink water, and eat healthy. Nourish your body!


Overtraining occurs when your body is overworked, lack of adequate rest and proper nutrition. One of the biggest risks of overtraining is injury, I learned this the hard way when my IT Band prevented me from running.

In times of stress or chaos I turn to exercising, but I have to constantly remind myself that proper rest is just as important as working out.

Rest vs. Laziness

It’s important to distinguish the difference between these two. I never plan my rest days because it changes each week. I listen to my body and see whether a rest day is necessary. I strive for at least 2 rest days a week and base it off of soreness or being physically exhausted. Obviously, there are times when I don’t want to workout due to laziness, but that’s usually when I convince myself to move for at least 20 minutes – this always turns into a great workout!

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