Pregnancy Cheat Sheet

How often I visit the doctors office

•Every four weeks until 28 weeks pregnant
•Every two weeks from 28-36 weeks
•Every week from 36 weeks until delivery

How often I get ultrasounds

I switched insurances/hospitals/doctors 3 times since I’ve been pregnant. With my first two doctors I was able to get an ultrasound at every appointment (every 4 weeks).

Since I have been in Scottsdale I have prenatal appointments every 2 weeks but ultrasound every 4 weeks.



1st trimester: week 1 to week 13
2nd trimester: week 14 to 26
3rd Trimester: week 27 to delivery

Feelings at each trimester

First Trimester – Shocked that I’m pregnant. Few weeks of nausea & tiredness. Excited for a baby!!
Second Trimester – Felt like a new woman, I did a sprint triathlon at 15 weeks like it was nothing. Found out we were having a girl!!
Third Trimester – Slowing down with my workouts but still feeling good. Baby shower! Getting all the things we need for Cruz. Holy shit I feel really pregnant. It’s getting so real that we are so close to being a family of 3! [Update at 37 weeks: I’m slowing down, feeling slightly uncomfortable because she is getting so big] – Ended up delivering at 38 weeks 3 days, full birth story here.

You are pregnant for 10 months, not 9

I never understood why people refer to being pregnant for only 9 months, it’s actually 10 months which is 40 weeks. If you delivery at 40 weeks that is considered full term.

What do percentiles mean

If your baby is in the 50th percentile for height and weight that means that 50 babies are bigger than yours and the other 50 are smaller. Being in lower end at the 5th percentile or higher end at the 95th percentile the doctors are more concerned and will monitor closely.

Cruz started out in the 54th percentile, then went to the 12th, at my 28 week prenatal apt she was in the 16th, and now she is in the 26th (as of my 32 week prenatal appointment). I hate percentiles to be honest, they freak me out and for no good reason. Of course Cruz is going to be on the lower end because I’m small and hubs is not a huge beefy guy either.

Working out during pregnancy

There was no way I was going to stop doing what I love once I got pregnant. I have been determined to continue working out at least 4x a week. Obviously my workouts have been modified and my miles are getting slower, but the most important part is that I am MOVING.

Running during pregnancy tips here
Weekly workouts here


Eating for Two

Eating for two is bullshit. I have to be very direct/honest on this part. I’m very passionate about nutrition and healthy eating, so it’s hard for me to see expectant mother’s eating poorly day after day. It’s not my place to give my opinion because we are all on different journeys and have different motivations/reasonings, just like some Mom’s may not agree with me drinking wine while I’ve been pregnant.

However, this is the time when your baby needs the best nutrition and the only way to achieve that is eating a healthy diet. This includes whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, fiber, and lots of water. My eating habits have not changing since I have been pregnant. Sure I indulge a few times a week but for the most part I am eating healthy foods at least 80% of the time. The same moderation/balance applies here. My two main motivations for staying healthy have been wanting to give my baby the best nutrition and to be able to bounce back after I deliver.


Being dilated refers to how wide your cervix is. This doesn’t start to happen until the very end of your pregnancy. At my 36 week prenatal appointment I was 1 cm dilated. And you dilate as big as 10cm, you got to fit that baby’s head one way or another!

Pregnancy Symptoms

EVERY pregnant woman experiences such different pregnancy symptoms. I feel like I have had a dream pregnancy, but there were a few symptoms I experienced that aren’t so fun.

Peeing – I pee all the time, since the beginning of my pregnancy. You honestly just get used to it and after awhile you can’t even remember what it was like not peeing 3-4 times throughout the night.

Breasts – I have experienced breast tenderness, growth, leakiness. The only complaint I have is that my sports bras rub/dig into my skin on long runs. I have bought bigger sports bra, put vaseline under the band, used bandaids, KT tape, deodorant…nothing works perfectly but I just kind of deal with it.

Nausea/Morning sickness – This mainly happened in the first trimester, but I did my best to workout and have lots of ginger smoothies! Sometimes I felt super nauseous I’d have to just take Emetrol.

Vomiting – The only time I threw up was after eating a fried chicken sandwich, which I probably would have done anyway regardless of being pregnant. It tasted so good, but it was too greasy for my body to handle.

Swollen feet – Never experienced this.

Headaches – Occasional headaches but nothing out of the ordinary. I usually just take 250mg tylenol and make sure to hydrate.

Exhaustion – From time to time, but nothing crazy. When I travel or run a half marathon obviously the next day I’m pretty exhausted but that would happen even if I wasn’t preggo.

Low energy – Mainly in the first trimester, which I expected. I just took advantage of working out/doing errands when I did have the energy.

Braxton Hicks – I experienced this sharp pain/cramping/mild contractions at 30 weeks. It doesn’t last super long but boy did it catch my attention. I look at it as preparation for delivery. Doc says as I continue to get these use the restroom to empty bladder, sit/rest, and hydrate.

Increased Appetite – I got pregnant around the time I ran the Boston Marathon, so I was already eating a ton of food. When I transitioned into being pregnant I felt like my appetite didn’t change drastically. My food philosophy is very simple though, I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. And I do my best to follow the 80/20 rule. I eat healthy 80% of the time and the 20% is left for treating myself. BALANCE 🙂

Food cravings and aversions – I hated avocados in the first trimester for like a week, the look and taste of them made me want to throw up. I feel like the stronger cravings kicked in closer to 3rd trimester, I love anything sweet. But I have always loved sweets to begin with. I enjoy fruity pebbles, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip whole wheat pancakes, & oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Linea negra – My linea negra didn’t show until around 22 weeks pregnant. Apparently it’s more visible with darker skin. It’s definitely more visible now that I’m in my third trimester.

Back aches – Lately when I stand for long periods of time (cooking/washing dishes) my mid/low back starts to ache. I have recently started going to the chiropractor and this has relieved the pain. I plan to go every other week to get adjustments.

Sleep – My sleep is very different, but it progressed slowly over time. I look at it as a way of preparing me for Cruz. The main reason sleep kinda sucks is because I have to pee often and I have a soccer ball of a tummy so it’s not super comfortable.

Not fitting into clothes – At a certain point I had to just stop wearing jeans and only wear leggings. Now that I really have a visible bump in my third trimester I wear running shorts and stretchy dresses.


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