Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

I have posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (I just say tendonitis for short) is the most common cause of flatfoot. The only explanation for this is the pregnancy hormone RELAXIN. Relaxin alters the properties of cartilage and tendons, it’s also involved in remodeling/healing injured ligaments and muscle.

As much as I love this hormone for helping me deliver baby Cruz, it has caused me pain in my arch!!! I have somehow developed flatfoot or collapsed arch, which is something I have never experienced or had a problem with.

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How it developed

For a few months I had a nagging foot/ankle/arch pain that I didn’t think anything of. I guess I figured it would go away but it just got worse! I went from running and strength training 5-6x a week to not even being able to walk without pain or limping!!

I went to see a doctor one weekend because I could’t handle the pain. Got X-rays and had to perform a single raised heel test. I couldn’t do it on my right foot so he put me in a boot – I literally started to cry. Doc said to come back in 3 weeks and we would go from there. There was no way in hell I was going to wait around for 3 weeks! I immediately found a physical therapist and have been rehabbing ever since.


For the past month I have been going to physical therapy 3x a week. There are 3 parts to my PT appointments. 

Part 1 – my physical therapist scrapes both calves, my right foot with the tendonitis, and my left IT band. I feel like the word scraping sounds so intense and painful, but the tool he uses isn’t rough on my muscles/tendons. He applies a comfortable pressure in the beginning and then processes as the muscle/tendon loosens up.

Part 2 – exercises to build arch, hip, and glute strength. Exercises include: squat with row, wood chops, standing hip drops, calf raises, lateral band walks, glute bridges, clam shells – usually I do 3 sets of 20 reps

Part 3 – icing my right foot and ankle for 15 minutes

At home daily exercises: arch lifts, towel scrunches, calf raises. I do these a few times a day and something I plan to continue doing until the pain is completely gone.


I RAN ONE MILE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MONTH TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this moment. I’m so happy to be running again, but it’s going to be hard easing back into it because I just want to run all the miles.

I have my first postpartum half marathon in one month. My original goal was a 1:35 and now with my tendonitis I’ll be happy to just finish. I plan to run with Cruz in the jogger, that way it will be my excuse for running super slow.

Take away message

If you have a nagging pain don’t ignore it!!!!! Be proactive. Do more body maintenance. Be kind to your body.


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