Just Keep Gliding

Finding the right running shoes can be difficult. How do you know what brand to buy? What size? What type? There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing the right pair. When I first started running I was completely clueless. My choice of shoes were based solely off of looks. The brighter the better! Since then I have started to understand… View This Post

English Muffin Burger & Cajun Fries

English Muffin Burger & Cajun Fries were inspired by my good friend Ashleigh over at Daily Cup of Asheejojo. This meal was beyond amazing and will have to be a new go-to meal! If you haven’t noticed already but most of my recipes are either turkey meat or chicken. I usually don’t eat a lot of red meat because of the… View This Post

Picnic At The Beach

Living in San Diego feels like a dream sometimes, the weather and beautiful beaches are amazing. So, I make sure to take full advantage of living here and do my best to go to the beach 1-2 times a week. I love packing a picnic of healthy foods and spending the day in the sun. Nothing makes me happier! I… View This Post

Upper Body and Abs

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. Upper Body & Abs Warm up 5 minute foam rolling (IT Band, hamstring, calf) 10 minute TRU cage stretching 2 mile run [16 minutes] 3 rounds [60 second break between each round] Assisted pull-ups 10 reps Chest press 12 Russian Twists 3 rounds Tricep pulldowns 10 Seated rows 10 Toe… View This Post