Meal Preppin Part Dos

Fit Andy is at it again, Meal Preppin’ Part Dos! If you haven’t checked out my last post about meal prepping, you will see the basic things I made earlier this week. This week was hectic…school, work, marathon training and being a wife! But, with the help of meal preppin’ I was able to stay focused and fueled throughout the day. Here is… View This Post

Meal Preppin

I used to hate cooking, mainly because I was terrible at it! I would look recipes up and follow them to a T and try to get way too fancy. I had no idea about portions, hell all I knew was to finish my plate and if the food was really good I’d go for seconds. Eventually, I got sick… View This Post

Fajita Tacos

These Chicken Fajita Tacos are to die for. These make a fantastic healthy Mexican meal, and even better with a side of black beans and spanish inspired quinoa. As a latina, who is trying to be very healthy, it is sometimes difficult to incorporate the foods I grew up on. Which is why I was inspired to make my own healthy… View This Post

Gritty Grind

Nothing motivates me to workout more than new clothes! I was recently introduced to a local brand Graced By Grit that gives me the perfect blend of comfort and feeling sexy. The Seamless Nice Lines Tank is softest material you will ever come across, pinky promise! I love the back straps and built-in bra. And my absolute favorite is the Land & Sea… View This Post