Cruz 5 months old

5 Months old • Sleeping 8-10 hours a night • Nursing 6-7 times a day for 15-20 mins • Wearing 3-6 months and 6 months clothes & size 1 diapers (doing 80% cloth diapers) We’ll never forget • Mommy & Daddy’s first vacation without you to Rancho La Puerta for 5 days!! • How curious you are about food and drinking water •… View This Post

Protein Packed Kodiak Cakes

Protein Packed Kodiak Cakes INGREDIENTS 1.5 cup Kodiak Cakes mix (Protein Packed with 14g of protein per serving 1 cup water 3 eggs Tip: to add more protein and nutrients sprinkle in 2 tbsp ground flaxseed or chia seeds to batter or on top DIRECTIONS 1. In a medium sized bowl combine Kodiak Cakes Mix, water, and egg (if batter is to liquidy… View This Post

Spicy Sofritas Black Bean Bowl

I have never been a fan of tofu, it was bland and the texture was spongy. I never knew how to prepare it or what to do with it. And it just doesn’t look pretty. Am I the only one that feels this way? But this meal has changed all of that!! The texture was similar to ground turkey/beef, well maybe… View This Post

Rancho La Puerta | Savor the Ranch

What is Rancho La Puerta? Rancho La Puerta is a wellness & fitness retreat in Tecate, Mexico. It’s a magical place where you are able to workout, eat real food, and escape all of life’s craziness. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself. It’s a place where there is no wifi (well only in a few specific spots). You get… View This Post