Veggies for Breakfast

Cruz: Veggies for breakfast?!?? Are you sure Mommy? 4 reasons why you should add veggies to your breakfast 1. Daily Fiber Needs Women should aim for 25g and men 38g a day. 2. Fiber Benefits • Fiber makes you feel fuller for longer – you will feel more satisfied and less likely to overeat • Fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels… View This Post


Working out with a newborn

I want to share how I’ve been able to workout 4-6x a week with a newborn. Of course a big part of my success is being a stay home Mommy and having the flexibility and time to workout. But no matter what your situation is I truly believe that if it’s important to you you will make time for it!… View This Post


Post workout Date smoothie

The best post workout smoothie Believe it or not, carbs are needed more than protein for pre/during/post workout fueling. The reason is because carbohydrates are our body’s preferred source of energy. The goal is to stock up and restore our glycogen (our body’s storage form of carbs) levels that have been depleted after a workout. Before and during workout • 4:1 ratio… View This Post


Turmeric Poached Egg + Spinach Cashew Pesto Toast

I made this breakfast twice this week, once for my Dad and another for my mother-in-law. They loved it! Super fancy breakfast and pretty easy to make! Turmeric Poached Egg + Spinach Cashew Pesto Toast 2 Eggs 1 tsp Turmeric 2 slices of whole wheat toast Microgreens Spinach Cashew Pesto (recipe below) 1/2 avocado Topped with cilantro, salt & pep… View This Post