Lentil Soup

The only reason why I ever bought lentils was because of its nutrition content. I remember my nutrition professor always talking about how healthy legumes are. And recently hubs has been begging for lentil soup, no idea why 😂 …but to my surprise it came out so bomb. And when you make this you better serve it with a side of fresh… View This Post

Chia Banana Waffles

She LOVES these Chia Banana Waffles!!!  Watching her nibble on a whole waffle was the cutest thing ever. Reasons why I love these waffles: • Easiest breakfast to make a big batch of – this recipe makes over 20 waffles • Super healthy – whole wheat flour, chia seeds (for the benefits read here), banana, coconut oil • Cruz and… View This Post

Feeding Cruz food for the first time

  Feeding Cruz for the first time When did Cruz first try food? She was 27 weeks, almost 7 months old. How did you know Cruz was ready? She was able to hold her own head up, sit up on her own, and she showed interest in food. What did she eat for the first time? Mashed sweet potato (without skin,… View This Post

Hella Good Granola

This granola is HELLA GOOD. I have come a long way with my homemade granola…check out my other granola recipe from 3 years ago!! I’m so damn excited to share this recipe with you all, it’s perfect! Few things about the recipe: • Making dehydrated blueberries in the oven sounds super involved but I promise it’s worth it. Just be sure… View This Post