Mango Salad Dressing

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My trip to Sayulita, Mexico was amazing! And as sad as I am to have left such a beautiful place, I am excited to test out some new recipes with all of you!

I have a new found obsession with mangoes after Delani, a personal chef that served my family of 25, made a delicious mango dressing to go with our salad for dinner. It is very light & flavorful, perfect with any type of salad. My favorite part about Delani’s salad, besides the mango dressing of course, was the grated carrots and beets. I always seem to have tons of carrots and beets laying around in the fridge that I never know what to do with, and now I do. Salads are an awesome way to get lots of veggies in and why not have some fun with it by using different flavors and textures.

Hecho Con Amor’s Mango Dressing: 2 mangoes, 1 clove of garlic, 2 tsp fresh ginger, juice of 3 limes, little honey. Add salt and blend.

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So, I made my own version of her mango dressing to go with my romaine chicken salad. My sauce came out thick, but still very sweet and tangy. The great thing about salad dressings is the ability to play with the ingredients, so get creative and do share 🙂

Mango Salad Dressing

1 mango
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1/4 cup coconut water
Juice of 1 orange
Squirt of honey

Directions: Blend all ingredients until desired consistency.

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Romaine Chicken Salad

1 romaine heart
Cherry tomatoes
Persian cucumbers
4 oz grilled chicken
Mango slices

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xoxo Fit Andy



Doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all! You will not regret it, pinky promise!! Enjoy it 🙂 tell me how it turns out!


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