Make It Right – Inspirational Running Video

Inspirational Running Video

I had the pleasure of working with John Trice to create this kickass video. He has mad skills with the camera. I enjoyed every moment of working with him and his team. It’s great to work with someone who is creative and as passionate as I am about what they do!

The Story

This video was a personal project for John and I was the lucky runner who starred in it.

Below is the story behind the video and what he had envisioned:

“We open on a wide shot of a mountain lake. A car enters the frame (parking) and our female athlete gets out. She stretches, gets loose, warms up and then hits the trail. We see the excitement in her eyes before she takes off. We start off in an open area around the lake. Wide shots with the runner moving through the landscape. Details of the surroundings. As we move into the forrest, the terrain get’s harder and so does her intensity. We’re closer, more erratic, there’s more cuts in the edit. Our music will start to ramp here as well. Dust flying. Sweat dripping. At the top of the hill, she encounters a fork in the trail and stops to rest for a moment while she picks her route. Finally she emerges from the forest on top of small mountain. She traverses the edge and exhausted, reaches the end of the trail. She’s exhausted. But it’s all been worth it. This amazing view. She takes it in. We can see her soul filling up. This is the reason she left work early. This is the reason she drove an hour. This was the reason she ran 10 miles.”


Someone pinch me

Filming this video felt so surreal. I’m just doing what I love – running. And somehow I got this inspirational video out of it.

I feel like my calling has always been to inspire. I want to show that no matter what life has thrown your way, you are strong, beautiful, and capable of handling anything.


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