Kickass Workout Jams

I was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. I went to high school during the hyphy movement. For those of you who don’t know about the hyphy movement here is a definition from urban dictionary:

the hyphy movement is a period of time where certain talented artists (mac dre, E-40, mistah Fab, etc.) were discovered (originating from California’s Bay Area) and soon they were the ones to change the face of Bay Area music into something that is now known and wanted around the whole world.

Listening to these songs take me back to when I’d party and drink a lot of Jäger, man my life is so different now haha. Anyways, I love jammin to these songs during a hard workout, it sets the mood.

Here some fun facts about me and the bay area: 
• I was born in the same city of where E-40 is from – Vallejo, Ca
• The Federation is from the same town I grew up in – Fairfield, Ca (in the beginning of 18 Dummy they reference Fairfield)
• I grew up living across from Dominic aka Sage the Gemini

Hope you enjoy this playlist!!! If you love bay area rap and bachata music then you will love it too!!


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