How to create a workout

Sarah is 6 months pregnant and I’m 11 months postpartum

How to create a workout

…in 3 easy steps!


The first thing is to figure out what type of format you want your workout to be. Here are a few of my favorite formats:

circuit training – you have several exercise stations and you spend anywhere from 30-90 seconds or 10-20 reps at each one. When one move is finished you go to the next one and so on. When you have finished all of the stations that is one round completed. You could do anywhere from 2-5 rounds or you can do as many rounds in a specific amount of time.

Did this workout with my badass mama to be friend, Sarah

sets –  choosing several exercises and performing each one 3-5x. For example, if one of your exercises is bicep curls you would perform 30-90 seconds or 10-20 reps (depends on your goals and ability) of work for 3-5 rounds. Once bicep curls are completed you move to the next exercise, such as shoulder press. Another one of my favorite styles of workouts is supersets. Pair 2 exercises that are done back-to-back before moving on to the next pair of exercises, you could choose 2 completely different moves, 2 opposing muscles, or 2 moves that work the same muscles. This is a very effective format if you want to burn out specific muscle groups!

tabata – choose a handful of exercises and perform each for a very short amount of time followed by a short rest then repeated again for as many rounds or minutes as desiredTabata consists of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.

pyramid – there’s a couple different types of pyramids. 1) start with low reps then increase the number of reps for each set. 2) start with high reps then decrease the number of reps for each set. 3) perform the ascending pyramid followed by the descending pyramid.

choose the moves

Finally the fun part! Now you get to choose the moves you want to do!

So ask yourself, what muscles do you want to work and also keep in mind what muscles are currently sore. If my legs are super sore when I’m making a workout, I’ll do upper body (chest, biceps, shoulder, back, triceps) and core. Or you could always plan your schedule out and decide specific days for legs and upper body etc.


Few things:
• there is no rush when performing moves and risking getting injured. Be smart! There is nothing wrong with slow and steady!
• I’m constantly watching the alignment of my back. When I’m doing squat I keep my back straight and chest up at all times with weight in my heels, when I’m doing deadlifts I’m keeping my back flat not rounded.
• if something feels uncomfortable or hurts, modify or just don’t do it. this is the best part about creating your own workouts, YOU CAN CHANGE IT AS YOU GO!
• if you’re unsure of how to perform a specific move look up a quick video on youtube (make sure you find a legit video/trainer to learn from)


my workout schedule

Previous workout schedule: running 2-3x a week, 2x full body group workout at BODI, 1x solo strength training at gym, 1-2 rest days

New workout schedule: running 2-3x a week, 1-2x full body workout at BODI, 1x swimming or boxing, 2-3x solo strength training at gym focusing on legs, upper body, and core, 1-2 rest days


Thank you! I think it depends on the person. Try it out for a few days and see if it’s helpful. For me I think it was always too much work to track everything, but I’ve done it a few times and it is nice seeing if I’m getting enough of what I need.


Thanks! Do you think it’s possible to lose weight without tracking? I recently had a baby and am looking to lose the excess weight. I think tracking may be a little too time consuming but I’m worried that’s the only way. Thanks for your help!


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