Healthy Grocery List

I truly believe the battle of health is won/lost in the store because of all the temptations. So, how you do fight the feeling of wanting to buy ice cream, cereal, and cheese-its? These 6 easy steps below are a great start.

Remember, good nutrition starts with healthy/real foods. It may take a little planning and preparation, but it’s worth it when you feel like a million bucks. Take it from me, I’m 7 months pregnant, eat super healthy and I honestly have never felt better! It makes me happy that I am nourishing my body & baby with real food.

Let’s go shopping people!

Step 1 – Don’t grocery shop until you are running low

Food items I have left in fridge:

Israeli Couscous Salad – for lunch before going to the store (do not shop hungry)
Turmeric Hummus
Few apples
Some leftovers
Greek yogurt
Frozen veggies, frozen bananas
Frozen turkey meat, frozen lean beef
Brown Rice


Step 2 – Make a grocery list based on meal ideas


Breakfast: egg muffins (with a whole wheat tortilla on the side), whole wheat pancakes (topped with peanut butter + fruit)

These breakfast meals are mainly for hubs, I usually make random things out of what’s in the fridge for myself because I’m always craving something random. I made a bunch of pancakes and froze them. Mid week I will make the veggie egg muffins.

Snacks: granola bars, crispy edamame, turmeric hummus + pita bread, turkey/cucumber/cheese/green olives

Dinner: Stuffed peppers, Baked garlic chicken + roasted veggies + whole wheat pasta, Homemade Falafel bowl with sweet potato fries

Where to come up with meal ideas

My pinterest page
Healthy cookbooks
Healthy Instagram accounts
Random creations of my own (get creative, don’t be afraid to experiment)

Step 3 – Start in the produce section and load up on fresh fruits & veggies

Shop the perimeter of the store, those middle aisles are the devil! I can’t tell you how many times I have been tempted to buy processed/packaged foods (sometimes I give in because I’m human), but I choose to just not go down those aisles. And eating before grocery shopping is so key here!!

How beautiful is this cart?! So colorful!


Step 4 – Stick to your list!

Sometimes I get a few things that weren’t on the list, but for the most part I TRY to stick to it. The top two reasons why I do my best to stick to my list 1) I’m on a budget 2) I don’t want food going to waste.


Step 5 – Post grocery list on fridge to remind you what’s for breakfast, lunch, snack, & dinner

Step 6 – Eat healthy!!!!

The easiest way to do that is by planning and having healthy food options in the fridge.

Count color not calories!!! 


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