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DSC_0776Thinking about running a half or full marathon? Maybe you want to switch up your runs to make them more exciting and challenging?

Try Speedwork.

I owed a lot to speedwork while I was training for my first marathon; it made me faster, fitter, and taught me to run harder for longer.

I pushed my limits. I learned how to dig deep and to give everything I had.

As you may be well aware, I always want to make sure I am wearing the right shoes during my workouts. For speedwork, Underarmour Speedforms are my choice. These shoes are lightweight, sleek and stylish. They provide me with the perfect amount of support and even though its probably just in my head, they make me feel faster 🙂

DSC_0730Having a plan is important for speedwork. You have to figure out what your pace is when your taking it easy and what it is when your pushing the limits. I have found the best way to figure that out is by running a 5k race.

Coming back from an injury my 5k pace is 7:40min/mile and nice easy jog for me is around 9min/mile.

I was never a track runner, so I had no idea about meters. Below is a cheat sheet that has helped me keep things simple when planning my workouts.

200 meters = .5 track lap or .125 miles
400 meters = 1 track lap or .25 miles
800 meters = 2 track laps or .5 miles
1600 meters = 4 track laps or 1 mile

DSC_0862Speedwork: [provided by my running coach over at Seaside Striders Running Club]

Warm up: 1 mile (nice and slow)

800 meters @ 5k pace, 200 meters @ easy pace

4-5 rounds
400 meters @ 5k, 400 meters @ easy pace

3-5 rounds
200 meters @ 5k pace, 200 @ easy pace

6-12 minutes
800 @5k pace, 400 @easy pace

DSC_0748Speedwork for beginners:

Warm up: 10 minutes

[2 rounds of the following]
1 minute fast – 3 minutes easy

2 minutes fast – 2 minutes easy

3 minutes fast – 1 minute easy


These workouts have helped me a ton and hope they work for you too!

Don’t forget to listen to your body and have fun with your workouts.

Love Always,

Fit Andy




Yayy so happy you liked the post! I seriously wouldn’t have been able to run my marathon at such a consistent pace if it wasn’t for speedwork! Good luck with your training!


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