Gritty Grind

IMG_7041Nothing motivates me to workout more than new clothes!

I was recently introduced to a local brand Graced By Grit that gives me the perfect blend of comfort and feeling sexy.

The Seamless Nice Lines Tank is softest material you will ever come across, pinky promise! I love the back straps and built-in bra. And my absolute favorite is the Land & Sea Knickers, that are form fitting and give me a nice round butt. The best feature, besides my booty, is the iphone pocket in the front and back. My Graced By Grit outfit made me feel confident and ready to kick ass!


I have enjoyed these new clothes so much, it inspired the following full body workout:


Squat Curl & Press [3 sets x 15 reps]

1. Feet shoulder width distance apart. Squat low, weight in your heels to make sure knees don’t go over your toes and chest up.
2. Curl dumbbells keeping your elbows close to your sides.
3. Should press

IMG_7397Russian Twists [3×20]

1. Start at sit up position. Lift heals off the ground and lean back to a 45* angle. Kettlebell at chest.
2. Twist trunk left and right keeping abs tight.

IMG_7404Box Jumps [3×15]

1. Start with feet shoulder distance apart. Bend knees & swing arms back.
2. As your arms swing forward, press off the group and jump.
3. Land softly

IMG_7380Kettlebell Squats [3×15]

1. Feet shoulder width distance apart holding kettlebell in front of you.
2. Squat low, weight in your heels and chest up.

IMG_7400Toe Touches [3×20]

1. Lay on back with feet straight in the air at a 90* angle and holding kettlebell straight up.
2. Slowly reach kettlebell toward your toes lifting your shoulders off the ground. Engage core.

IMG_7401Step up Knee Drive [3×15 each leg]

1. Start with one foot on step.
2. Keep chest up and back straight. Put weight on raised leg and step up using arms. Drive knee at the top and lower down with control.

Woohoo you did it!! Great job! Now stretch, breathe and be happy.

Stay Gritty,
Fit Andy



Aww yay! My husband took these, he will be so happy to hear you commented on them!!


I was going to comment on them as well…the color just bursts off the page! I also love that you did the workout in nature….looks amazing!!

I love the new fitness gear….it makes me so happy to find stuff that makes me feel comfortable, strong, and sexy! You look fantastic in it.


Thanks so much Courteney! I loved the color combo too, it is definitely vibrant and pops! The brighter the better 😉


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