Getting Pregnant + First Trimester

FullSizeRender-7Deciding to have a baby

Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a Mom. This was the one thing I have waited my entire life for. I remember hiding under an end table and breastfeeding my dolls – that’s how you know you are so meant to be a mama!

A few days after New Years day in 2016, the hubs and I decided we were ready to start a family! This has been something I have always talked about, but I was always going back and forth. One day I was so ready to have kids and the next day I would say that I needed to become a dietitian first. Joey was never fully on board for a baby, but it was something he eventually wanted.

But, in January 2016 Joey finally told me straight up he was ready to start a family. Hearing him say that for the first time made me cry immediately (just writing this is making me tear up). It was so genuine and I felt that he really meant it. Joey is the kind of guy that doesn’t bullshit, he says what he means.

How I knew we were ready for parenthood

Before this serious baby talk, there were sooo many signs pointing to me having a baby. I can’t explain it, it was just like the universe was telling me it was time. I felt it in my heart that we were ready.

I have always wondered when would be the right time for babies?! How will I know? Is it after I go to grad school? Is it supposed to be after I become a RD and have a career? Is it after we buy a home and are fully settled? But with all the signs and finally realizing why am I putting the one thing I want so badly on hold?

Being a Mom is what I am meant to be, it is who I am. That’s how I knew I was ready, and once hubs was on board I knew it was time to get busy!! 😉

Getting pregnant

After the baby talk there was only one thing to do, get off birth control. I had taken birth control pills since Joey and I were dating (November 20th, 2009) and then around 2015 I decided to switch to the Nuvaring. I had been on birth control for 6 years and I knew that it would take a few months to leave my system, which would delay getting pregnant.

A few months after trying to get pregnant I was becoming impatient. I’m the type of person that is a go getter and want things to get done, so when I wasn’t getting pregnant as fast as I thought I would it was upsetting. In the beginning of April when my menstrual cycle started, which was only 3 month of trying to get pregnant, I literally cried to Joey. I didn’t understand why it was taking so long. I mean I’m young, healthy, and super fit. I was also training for the Boston marathon and under a lot of stress from school, it was my toughest semester. I figured those two things were taking a toll on my body. I did my best to not stress out too much on school and be flexible with my training.

April was such a weird month, I had 2 menstrual cycles. This had never happened but again I just thought it was either the marathon training or my body just trying to regulate itself. Once I ran Boston and the semester was over, I was so relieved. I felt like it was finally time to slow down and shift my focus on getting pregnant. I downloaded an app to track when I was fertile, but I ended up deleting it because I turned into a crazy person and it took the fun away from it all.

I knew I would get pregnant, but I just didn’t know how long I would have to wait. And then I thought maybe I couldn’t have babies – my mind was all over the place. Luckily, I have such an amazing man that reassured me every step of the way.

My first + pregnancy test

On May 19th, 2016 I took a pregnancy test. At this point I had taken tons of tests, so I tried not to get my hopes up. But not this time, it was finally a positive test!!!!!

When I peed on the stick it immediately had two lines. I screamed and starting jumping up and down and crying. Joey came into the bathroom and told me I was supposed to wait for 2 minutes before reading it. He made me sit on the couch for 2 minutes! After what felt like forever, I ran to the bathroom to make sure it still had 2 lines. Yup, it sure did!!! We both were shocked and didn’t really believe it. We decided I was going to take another one the next morning to see if this is forreal.

I couldn’t sleep all night and woke up super early just so I could take another test. Sure enough it came back positive. We were pregnant!!!

FullSizeRender-2First Trimester


Week 5 & 6

I honestly didn’t feel pregnant and continued doing my same thing. Luckily I already started taking a prenatal vitamin before I got pregnant.

Joey bought me Nature’s Made prenatal vitamins from CVS but eventually after looking at the ingredient list I decided those weren’t the vitamins I wanted to continue taking. I wanted to find something more natural and not coated in gelatin.


Other ingredients besides the vitamins: gelatin, soybean oil, glycerin, water, soy lecithin, yellow beeswax, resin (contains fish – anchovy, sardine, mackerel and soy)

I spoke with my pregnant friend Natasha and she suggested MegaFood Baby and Me Prenatal Vitamins. I went to Whole Foods the next day and bought a 60 count for $35/40. I eventually bought a 120 count for $56 on amazon. I take 2 a day and have to chase it with juice because it’s not coated. I’m such a baby when it comes to taking horse pills and even taking supplements in general (blog post on how I feel about supplements here). But, since I’m pregnant I obviously made the exception.

IMG_5768I decided to go with the more natural prenatal vitamin, MegaFood Baby & Me brand. 

6 weeks Prenatal Apt

We had our first prenatal appointment at 6 weeks! Our baby was the size of a blueberry at this time, which is how we came up with the name for our fetus – Blueberry. (I downloaded the app What To Expect)

Blueberry was still connected to the uterine lining and still very very tiny!

FullSizeRender-17 FullSizeRender-18

Joey looks terrified here but I promise he was super excited!!

Wk 7, 8 and 9

These were by far the hardest weeks of my first trimester. I felt so pregnant!!!! My boobs grew like 1.5 cup sizes, I was nauseous, and had no energy. I still managed to continue working out but only for 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week. I took Emetrol to help with the nausea and made tons of ginger spinach smoothies. Around week 9 I realized the trick was to workout in the AM which seemed to help.

We told our family we were pregnant when I was 8 weeks! It was so hard to keep in for two months. My mother-in-law had the best reaction…

Below is the video of me telling my family, but I didn’t quite get the reaction I was expecting. The only person that really seemed super excited was my Grandma! At the time it killed me to watch this video, but looking back it’s kind of hilarious.

No matter how our family’s reacted, it didn’t take away from the excitement my husband and I shared! We are sooooo damn excited about Blueberry!!!


9 weeks Prenatal Apt

This was an amazing appointment because we could actually see a body! The arms looked more like fins and a big head. We heard the heart beat and saw Blueberry wiggle in my uterus. It’s heart rate was at 160 BPM, which is twice as fast as ours.




Week 10

I felt great and continued to workout like the non preggo Andy.

Week 10 workout:

Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest
Tues: 3m run [8:10 pace], 5 mins of abs
Wed: 10 mins as many rounds – 5 burpees, 10 weighted squats, 10 KB swings and then 1 mile to finish [8:06]
Thurs: 30 min bike, 15 mins of wts full body
Fri: Rest
Sat: 9 mile run

Week 11

This week Blueberry is the size of a lime and only 2 inches in size and 3 oz in weight.

Week 11 workout:

Sun: 90 mins of yoga
Mon: 3.5 mile run 8:27 pace
Tues: Rest
Wed: 45 min Spin + 45 min HIIT
Thurs: 45 mins Spin + 75 min swim
Fri: 45 mins Spin
Sat: 12 mile run

No matter how long the workout is I always have plenty of water and take as many breaks as needed. I constantly listen to my body and modify workouts as needed!

Week 12

I felt like a new woman! I hit the ground running with half ironman training. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I signed up for a half ironman right after Boston – before I knew I’d be 23 weeks pregnant on race day. I’m nervous/excited, but I have no goal other than to finish!

Week 12 Workout: 

Sun: Rest
Mon: Pilates in the AM, 45 mins of Spin in the PM
Tues: 45 min Spin + 20 min run
Wed: LA photoshoot with Erik Umphery (this was like an all day strength/cardio workout – it was hard but so fun and worth it)
IMG_6145-1Thurs: Rest (soooo sore)
Fri: Rest (still sore)
Sat: 14 miles for Relay for Life
IMG_6060FullSizeRender-21I ran 57 laps around my high track while 13 weeks pregnant!!!

Week 13

Week 13 was tough because of traveling, I didn’t realized it would take me 2 days to recover. It was extremely hard for me to get back in my rhythm, but by Saturday I was good as new.

Pregnancy Update: My belly is starting to poke out a lot after meals, but no official baby bump yet.

Week 13 workout:

Sun: Rest
Mon: 4 mile hike
Tues: Rest (flew back home to SD)
Wed: Rest (too tired to do anything)
Thurs: 2 mile run + HIIT
Fri: 1 hour yoga
Sat: 13 mile bike + 5k run + 1/2 mile swim (with my friend Mattea)


Blueberry is due on January 22nd, 2017!!!



v pepper

Beautiful!!!!! Such a lovely couple with such genuine love for one another….luckiest blueberry ever!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much Amy!! Can’t wait until I’m running with this baby in a jogger stroller 🙂

Annie B

Congrats, Andy! So excited to see your updates throughout pregnancy! So inspiring how you are still crushing those workouts and goals during pregnancy!!


Thanks so much!! I tell ya growing a baby has given me so much more motivation 😉


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