Nike Women’s Half Marathon Training Plan

I will be running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF for the second time with the Finish Line Women!!

Nike Women races are out of this world – the atmosphere, the race clothing, the course, and the Tiffany’s necklace are amazing!


My training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon is much different than last years. Last year was very structured and specific; this time around it’s flexible and full of cross training.


Originally my goal was sub 1:40, but over the course of my training I realized that all this pressure wasn’t fun (running is supposed to be fun!!). So, I have decided to set no expectations and just run with my heart this race.



Rest days are important to allow your body to rebuild, repair, and become stronger. Listen to your body and be flexible with your workouts because rest days are just as important as training.

MONDAY – Easy Run

My easy runs are anywhere from 3-6 miles. My goal is to run at a slow pace (8:30/mile), be conscious of my form, and control my breathing.


TUESDAY – Cross Training

30-45 minute HIIT full of quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short active recovery periods. My other cross training workout is boxing. These are my favorite types of workouts because I am able to push my limits and sweat it all out.

WEDNESDAY – Cross Training

I recently got a rode bike (his name is Blue), cycling shoes, and a cycling outfit (butt pads and all) – I look legit! Biking is a great form of cross training; it’s building my leg strength, which will complement my running. Since I am a beginner cyclist, my bike rides last about 1-2 hours.

THURSDAY – Speed Work

Speed work is one of the most important workouts during training. This type of workout will help increase your speed.

1 mile warm up
6 x 800 meters (400 Race Pace, 400 Easy)
1 mile cool


FRIDAY – Cross Training or Rest

On Friday’s I listen to my body. If I am sore and exhausted I will rest, but if I have the energy I will do a quick workout. This workout isn’t leg intensive because I have my long run the next morning; instead I focus on upper body and abs.


Long runs are important for getting mileage in and building endurance. I run at a comfortable pace and blast my music. My top 3 songs: When It Rains by Dag Savage ft. Aleo Blacc, Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield, One Man Can Change The World by Big Sean ft. Kanye West & John Legend.


Training Tips

Be flexible with your training, listen to your body and take rest days as needed

Don’t compare your training with someone else’s, you are on your own journey with different goals and strengths

Have fun!



Hey Melissa 🙂 My Saturday runs are anywhere from 6-11 since I am only training for a half. Every two or three weeks I lower my long run on Saturday and then peak back up again and repeat that cycle.

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Devon @ Devon Victoria

I follow a similar kind of training plan! I hadn’t really seen anyone else who did so much HIIT or cross training, and less running days. I feel like all the other training plans I see out there are like 5 running days, 1 cross train, 1 rest. Those plans don’t work for me, I tried it before and I would get too many injuries. The HIIT cross training really helped strengthen and balance me to avoid injuries – plus made me more explosive! Glad to see someone else has the same strategy 🙂


I couldn’t agree more!! I finally have found what works for me and I am happy to say I have been injury free! HIIT has seriously changed my life, happy you know it works for you too. Good luck with any upcoming races and glad I’m not alone with this type of training plan 🙂


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