Fit Andy’s Weekly Grind

I am so passionate about nutrition that I wanted to give you an inside look at my weekly grind. This includes my grocery list/meal ideas, grocery cart, fridge, freezer, and my kitchen cabinet. You will get an idea of how a future Dietitian shops and eats!

A successful trip to the store starts with a solid grocery list. Here are some tips to keep you straight at the store:
-Categorize grocery list
-Base part of your grocery list off of Meal Ideas
-Half of grocery list should be fruits & veggies
-Shop the perimeter of the store
-Go to the store with a happy belly, so be sure to eat! grocery listBelieve it or not I stuck with the grocery list because I was prepared with a plan. I was in and out of the store in 30 minutes and the total came to $101. This may sound high for just two people, but we are very active eating well over 2,500 calories a day. I make 80-90% of the meals because I want to know what is in my food and want it to be fresh. The other 10-20% is left for treat meals to indulge in foods we don’t normally eat. It’s all about moderation! IMG_0126 Here is a look inside my fridge. My fridge doesn’t always look this organized I swear!
Top Shelf: Water, coconut water, soy milk, unsweetened almond milk, cilantro, spinach
Middle Shelf: Non fat plain greek yogurt, whole wheat tortillas, corn tortillas, mint, basil
Bottom Shelf: Eggs, carrots, green onions, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, fresh parmesan cheese
Bottom Drawer: Apples, bell peppers, cantaloupe, cucumber, cabbage, roma tomatoes, serrano peppers
Side door: As you can tell Joey loves hot sauce and bbq sauce! Key things: egg white carton, almond butter, organic peanut butter, rosemary fridgeside of fridge Now my freezer. Lately I have been struggling with fresh whole wheat products going bad too quickly, so I have been freezing english muffins, bread and tortillas. This has solved my problem and saved me from wasting food.
Fruits: pineapple, mango, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, Pitaya
Veggies: broccoli, corn, edamame
Protein: Lean beef, tilapia, lean ground turkey meat, chicken breast
Whole grains: english muffins, bread and tortillas
Random: Cucumber infused ice cubes, homemade chicken broth cubes freezerfreeze doorLast but not least, my kitchen cabinet. It’s all about whole wheat and nuts, can’t you tell?

Did you know that fiber and nutrients are processed out of white products? The vitamins are eventually added back to the white products, which is where the word ‘enriched’ comes from. So, choose whole wheat, because it is WHOLE, meaning nothing is taken out and it contains those essential vitamins, fiber and protein.

Top Shelf: whole wheat pasta, whole wheat couscous, brown rice, whole wheat orzo, beans, quinoa and lentils
Bottom Shelf: Nuts (pecans, almonds, pumpkin, sunflower, cashews), honey, multigrain oats, cocoa nibs, canned black beans (black bean brownies, duh!), lactose free chocolate chips, raisins, coconut sugar and chia seeds cabinetI always have plenty of fruit and veggies on the counter. Bananas are my favorite, so I constantly keep those stocked. The rest include red potatoes, lemons, mangoes, onions, garlic and avocado. fruit bowlveggie bowlThe reason I created this blog is to share my passion and knowledge about fitness and nutrition! So, I hope my weekly grind will help you shop smarter and live a healthier life!

xoxo Fit Andy



Thank you so much for posting this. Seeing what others stock always gives me inspiration and looking and seeing that you store your nuts in mason jars just solved a huge problem of mine. All my bulk barn bags are just laying in the pantry…love this idea. I’ve heard that you should store nuts in the fridge…thoughts?


You’re welcome, glad you found it helpful! Such a good point you bring up about the nuts in the fridge…I still keep it in the cabinet because I go through it so quickly. I feel like after month or so I am restocking them all. I use granola a ton each week and just throw random seeds on salads, so they aren’t just sitting there for months at a time. If you aren’t going through it as fast then maybe putting it in the fridge is a good idea. I got to do more research and ask around because now you got me really thinking about this haha I’ll get back to you on that!


Awesome!! So glad to hear that. Good luck with meal preppin, and don’t forget to keep it simple 🙂


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