How I Became A Brand Influencer For Finish Line

How it all started

Believe it or not, it all started on Instagram in June 2015. Finish Line commented on a photo of mine, “Hey Andy, we’d love for you to become an influencer for an upcoming Nike shoe. If you’re interested, leave your email and I’ll send you the details right away.” Initially, I thought it was spam and didn’t take it seriously. But, come to find out it was legit and hands down the coolest opportunity ever.


My photographer, Camera, & Lens

My husband is my photographer. We decided to buy a camera and take the photos ourselves because it’s easier and cheaper. Believe it or not he has had no prior experience with cameras, but his not so technical approach to photography has worked out better than we expected.

We shoot with a Canon T3i Rebel and mainly use 50mm, 75-250mm, and 24-70mm f2.8 (recently rented the 24-70mm from George’s Camera). We keep things simple and make the most of what we have and know. 

Photo Tips

Before every shoot I make an album of photo inspiration in my phone. I screenshot any fitness or lifestyle photos that catch my eye (I love Nike Women and Adidas Women Instagram pages). Having an album during a shoot allows the inspirational juices to keep flowing, because after a few hours of shooting you tend to run out of ideas.

The best advice I have for anyone having their pictures taken is to have fun and be yourself. The best photos are when you are comfortable, let loose, and do what you love (which is running for me). I don’t consider myself a model or even compare myself to women on covers of magazines because there is no need to. I am confident with who I am and the shape that I am in. So, rock what you got and stop comparing yourself to others.

IMG_7647IMG_0859IMG_5850 IMG_8381IMG_5628IMG_7320

The Talent, Location Scouter, & Director

Let me start off by saying that I am a very direct and outspoken person. Okay, I’m bossy. I know what I like and what I don’t like. As you can see in these photos above, I am bossing directing my husband. This has lead to a few arguments, but at the end of the day we work through it and have great results.

It can be overwhelming being the talent, scouter, and director of our shoots. It requires a lot of preparation and organization. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way because my husband and I are a kickass team.

Where all the photos go

My photos are spread throughout the Finish Line Website, direct mailers, store toppers, social media, and catalogs.

FIt Andy on FInish Line.comScreen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.51.41 AMIMG_7331Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.02.23 PMIMG_3915

More to Come

IMG_8256I have been an Brand Influencer for over a year and I absolutely love it. I feel so loved by everyone at Finish Line, especially my girl Marissa! They have all shown me that they are more than just a shoe and clothing company, they are real people who are passionate about what they do.




OH HI!!! I remember leaving that comment 🙂 So happy to have you on board with us and I absolutely love working with you. OKAY MISS YOU BYE. XOXO

Jamaica King

Love this and love you! You’re not a model.. you’re a ROLE model.

Can’t wait to to come down to SD and spend some quality weekend time with you. <3


Love that, ROLE MODEL!! And yes please, we need some quality time for sure! xoxo


You inspire many, and I’m one of them! So glad we connected ! Keep blogging, keep posting! I look forward to it all!! ??

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