Eat Real Food

There are so many fad diets, magic pills, and unhealthy foods out there. It blows my mind how far we have gotten away from eating REAL food.

We look for fast and easy, instead of whole and natural foods. I get it, we are busy as hell. And sometimes going out to eat is all we can handle.

I have to be honest, I am not a 100% healthy eater – as a matter of fact I never was. I splurge from time to time, but lately with midterms and life I’ve felt overwhelmed. Meal prepping, piling dishes, and cleaning the kitchen isn’t always something I am up for.

This past week I got some sort of food poisoning and it left me restless and sick to my stomach. If only I could take back eating out and splurging on frozen yogurt. But one thing is for sure, I learned my lesson. What I ate was completely unnatural, fast, cheap, and loaded with fat & sugar. Reece’s, chocolate chips, and mini M&M’s in my froyo cup might’ve been taking it too far!

So this week I have taken a step back to realize I have gotten a wee bit lazy and need to take better care of myself. This stuff happens though, we run out of steam and get off track. The good part is that I always recognize this early on, reassess my situation, and then I set a game plan.


The first step I am taking is not eating out for a while because of laziness, but instead when I am celebrating something special. I want all of my meals to be cooked at home, because I should know exactly what ingredients are going into my food. Next step is eating more of a plant based diet, so more rabbit food.


  • Home cooked meals
  • Fresh fruits & veggies
  • Plant based protein (beans, quinoa, lentils, nuts)


  • Eating out
  • Processed foods
  • Artificial sweeteners

Eat better, move more

Fit Andy & Fit Joey



Great post…I have recently reset myself as well! It’s nice to hear that you slip up a bit as well…sorry. 🙁 Hope you are feeling back to yourself again soon!


Thanks Courteney! I definitely slip up, but I just got to dust myself off and keep moving forward. xoxo


You’re very welcome!! Glad this post helped with the kick in the butt, that’s what I am here for 🙂


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