Cruz’s First Birthday Party


I have been planning the perfect party for me her for months!

I want to share every detail of this party because when I was planning it I had no idea what I was doing. Hoping this post will help a mama out! And I just need an excuse to share all these cute photos 😉

The planning


• pinning ideas to my pinterest
• decided on a cactus theme since Cruz was born in Arizona
• created a collection/board of photos on instagram
• made another board on ig of photographers in Arizona and DMed for rates
• started thinking about decorations and venue locations
• bought Cruz’s birthday romper from Ally and Annie

• we moved apartments and my obsession for plants started (bought my first monstera)
• decided the theme was going to be plants (monstera, ferns, eucalyptus) instead of cactus
• Nov 7th I locked down the venue at Mini Social
• Nov 8th I reached out to Beth Loves Paper (she is also my cousin!) and she drafted up birthday invitations
• Nov 13th Beth Loves Paper had the final birthday invitation ready and I received it 2 weeks later.

• Nov 29th I sent out all 30 invites. Beth also sent me a JPG & PDF of the invite so I could text it to the rest of our family/friends
• recipe experimenting – I knew I wanted to make most of the food for the party
• still pinning to pinterest and Instagram like crazzyyy, my ideas were all over the place
• towards the end of Nov I bought some fresh eucalyptus and made a garland (experimenting for the party)
• started to contact local florist to price out some things (not a lot of luck, took people weeks to respond)
• contacted furniture rental companies. ended up going with DANG! Fine Rentals and went with the peacock chair
• end of Nov I bought 4x4inch pictures of Cruz from newborn to 12 months old. I knew I wanted to somehow display all of the photos at her party. Bought the photos through mpix – way better quality than getting it printed at a kiosk

• recipe experimenting with mini quiches (these turned out amazing and I ended up making over 50 for the party)
• visited Mini Social (party venue) again to get measurements and pictures of the space
• decided I definitely want a huge pink balloon garlands on one of the main white brick walls (photo below was a big inspiration)
• watching a lot of youtube on how to make a balloon garland, main inspiration here
• contacted Kyndra, who is an amazing baker that I found on ig. I loved her work and asked her to make Cruz’s smash cake, dozen cactus cupcakes, dozen cactus sugar cookies, and a dozen cactus rice krispy treats. I sent her some photo inspiration and she took care of the rest.
• started buying decorations at party city, amazon & michaels – cups, plates, napkins, balloons, glue dots, 2 balloon hand pumps (this is huge!), chicken wire
• found a great photographer and booked her! Sarah Jane Photography
• found a local florist who recently started her own business! Sent her tons of photo inspiration and booked her immediately! Kourtney at The Monarch Florals

• buying last minute decorations
• coordinating and stressinggggg (made a shit ton of lists to keep me from going crazy)
• gave Sarah a detailed list of the photos I wanted during the party (details of balloon garland, florals, dessert table, family, friends, Cruz, the 3 of us, photos with her smash cake etc)

Set up at Mini Social the day before party:
• made balloon garland
• arranged the tables and chairs
• set up dessert table with cake stands and wooden boxes
• made the eucalyptus wall hang for Cruz’s baby photos
• peacock chair rental was dropped off

Party: Saturday, Jan 6th 11-1pm

The venue

Mini Social is an indoor kid friendly spot that hosts events and playdates, basically the perfect place for a first birthday! Lots of natural light and white brick walls. There’s a huge kid play area tucked in the back corner. 

The walls above and below were the my main 2 focuses for the party. The above wall for the balloon garland and below for the dessert table. 

The play area below.

The decorations

Balloon Garland
• Inspiration: House of Lars

Time: 5 hours
Balloons: various sizes, over 350-450 balloons (kinda lost count)
People: took 3 people. 1 person (sometimes 2) blowing up balloons, 1 person making clusters of 2-3 balloons (attached them with glue dots), and 1 person attaching the clusters with packing tape to the chicken wire.
Overall feelings toward it: it’s a LOT of work but definitely worth it!!!

The dessert

The florals and greenery

One of the best decisions I made was hiring Kourtney! Her work brought the party to life and really made the biggest difference. I love her!!!!

Kourtney & I <3 

Kourtney made the following: floral/green wreath above dessert table, accent pieces on Cruz’s high chair, green leaf piece on peacock chair, floral/greens in balloon garland, 2 flower arrangements, loose greens around the dessert and food table

The main food

Waffles, waffle toppings (almond butter, jelly, nutella, hemp seeds, chia seeds, strawberries, blueberries), mushroom goat cheese mini quiches, donuts, champagne & tequila + oj, and mint infused water.

More photos

Sugar high

damn that was a long post and hellaaaa photos!!!!! Hoped you enjoyed it!

xo mama & baby cruz

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