Cruz 6 months old

6 Months old


6th Month Doc Apt

• 13lbs 7.4oz  and 24.8 inches
• Got 3 shots and took em like a champ

We’ll never forget

• Your first trip to the bay
• Meeting your Great Grandma Cruz & Sue
• Trying avocado & sweet potato for the first time


You can

• Grab things
• Hold spoon and put in your mouth
• Sit up


You love

• To attack Daddy (grab his face and scratch him)
• You love attention
• To drink water

More pics of Cruzy


Botanical Garden in Scottsdale, AZFullSizeRender.jpg-12 FullSizeRender.jpg-13

First time trying avocado

Hiking South Mountain with Mommy, Tia Des, and Nana

Picture of Daddy when he was little

Cruz’s first SF Giants game with Cousins Fernando and Zeya, Papa, Juanita, and Tia KrissyIMG_5683.JPG Stroller running with MommyFullSizeRender.jpg-16Visited St. Mary’s – where Mommy and Daddy dated in college
FullSizeRender.jpg-23 Berkeley hillsFullSizeRender.jpg-22 Rose Garden in Berkeley IMG_5414.JPG Milk drunkFullSizeRender.jpg-35 Mai’ana & CruzyFullSizeRender.jpg-21 Being a badass in her cribFullSizeRender.jpg-32

Mom really? -Cruz

She hated wearing shoes!FullSizeRender.jpg-31Cruz & Caden

Bath time with CruzyFullSizeRender.jpg-29 FullSizeRender.jpg-19

Mommy’s postpartum fitness journeyIMG_6238

FullSizeRender.jpg-27 Arnold Summer Party 2017IMG_4930.JPGCousins & Nana in Benicia, Ca
IMG_5950 Haight and Ashbury in SFFullSizeRender.jpg-26 Meeting her Papa John for the first timeFullSizeRender.jpg-17 FullSizeRender.jpg-25 Cruz’s second flight IMG_4835.JPGSedona, AZFullSizeRender.jpg-36

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