Cruz 4 months old


4 Months old

• Sleeping 9-10 hours a night
• Nursing 6-7 times a day for 15-20 mins
• Wearing size 0-3 months and some 3 month clothes & size 1 diapers (doing 75% cloth diapers)

We’ll never forget

• Your cute squeals
• First time to the zoo
• Finding your toes and playing with them all the time
• Laughing so much (she loves peek-a-boo and hot air blown on her tummy)
• First staycation at Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale
• Mommy’s first Mother’s Day & you making me a card!
• Running 8 miles as a family (our longest run together)

First time to the Phoenix Zoo above & Mother’s Day brunch belowFullSizeRender.jpg

You can

• Roll from your tummy to your back
• Make lots of new noises
• Recognize Mommy & Papi

You love

• Kisses all over your face and neck
• Standing (with us holding her body of course)
• To be held
• To play peek-a-boo

4 Month Doc Appointment

• 11lbs 7.4 oz in weight (was 5lbs 8oz at birth)
• 23.2 inches long

More pics of Cruzy

IMG_1767.JPGFullSizeRender.jpg-1 IMG_1361.JPG IMG_0883MM Mini-165

Thank you Yellow Room Photography for the beautiful photosMM Mini-154MM Mini-161MM Mini-147MM Mini-157MM Mini-152MM Mini-158

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