Cheat Meals

Where do I even begin! Let’s start with my day yesterday and how I ended up eating 4 slices of pizza for dinner!

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.02.31 PMI’ve been a busy bee lately. Let me just lay it all out on the table for ya: part time Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser, part time student at Miramar College, President of the F.I.T. Club, blogger, Finish Line Brand Influencer, and a wife. It’s fun, adventurous, but sometimes overwhelming. I do my best to keep everything balanced, but it can get the best of me on a tough day. I have so many things going on at once that I forget to slow down and just enjoy the present. Good news is, I was able to sit down and enjoy a nice cheat meal last night.

Yesterday I knew I had a long day ahead of me, so I packed my 4 meals (poached egg sandwich, greek yogurt with homemade granola, ground turkey burrito bowl, and a salad). I had a F.I.T. Club meeting first thing in the morning, along with classes until 4. By the end of the school day I was exhausted and hangry. Unfortunately, I only made a pit stop at home because I needed to run an errand. So, by the time dinner rolled around I was starving. This isn’t typical Fit Andy, I’m usually prepared with snacks and don’t usually get to the point where I could go ham on anything.

Joey and I ended up at Pizza Port in Solana Beach and I got down on some pepperoni pizza! Did I feel guilty? No way! I train hard and eat very healthy 80% of the time, a few slices of pizza isn’t going to make or break me. However, my body has completely adapted to healthy eating that anytime I eat greasy not-so-good-for-you food, I feel sick. Moral of the story, one cheat meal isn’t going to make you unhealthy, just like one healthy meal isn’t going to make you fit. 

Today I bounced right back to my normal routine. Went on a beautiful 5 mile run and ate a healthy breakfast.


Cheat Treat Meal Tips:

  • Treat yourself, it is okay to indulge occasionally. If you deprive yourself it can lead to bigger problems.
  • Enjoy it, savor it. Remember it’s a treat meal! 🙂
  • Practice portion control, don’t binge. (I know this isn’t easy, but just be mindful)
  • 80/20 rule – 80% healthy meals 20% treat meals (this is a good rough estimate of a balanced diet and what I go by)
  • Treat meals are a much better idea than a treat day
  • Move forward – after the meal resume normal diet and activity. Don’t let this define you or bring you down!

xoxo Fit Andy



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