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Cruz 4 months old

4 Months old • Sleeping 9-10 hours a night • Nursing 6-7 times a day for 15-20 mins • Wearing size 0-3 months and some 3 month clothes & size 1 diapers (doing 75% cloth diapers) We’ll never forget • Your cute squeals • First time to the zoo • Finding your toes and playing with them all the time • Laughing so… View This Post

10 Must have newborn products

FINALLY, a real post about the shit you actually need for your newborn. This is NOT sponsored in any way, just one Mama to another about the things I use errryday! 10 Must Have Newborn Products 1. Pacificer • For some reason I was so against using a pacifier in the beginning. My worse fear was that she’d be 3 years old… View This Post

3 Third Trimester Strength Workout

Tips for Strength Training in 3rd Trimester •Always bring water with you •Eat preworkout fuel – banana, toast with jelly, dates (depends on the type of workout & what your body is used to) •Use the restroom RIGHT before you workout •If anything hurts or feels awkward STOP or modify •Take it easy, this isn’t about getting sore or gaining muscle… View This Post

38 Weeks Pregnant

Week 38 Week & size of baby: 38 weeks preggo and Cruz is the size of swiss chard. What to Expect app says she’s roughly 19-22 inches & 6.5lbs. Date: January 8th-14th, 2017 Trimester: 3rd trimester. Weight gain: No idea, probably close to 143lbs (I started at 117lbs) Prenatal appointment update: Cruz arrived the day I was supposed to have my appointment. How many weeks left: 2 more weeks!!… View This Post