Bulk Meal Prepping

Bulk Meal Prepping

I have been getting very busy lately so I decided the best way to stay on top of my nutrition is bulk meal prepping. The best way for me is to make a ton of protein options, whole grain options, and breakfast options.I do not like making the same individual meals for every day of the week, I get tired of eating the same exact thing. Besides, different food equals different nutrients!

This bulk meal prepping session should last Joey and I about 3-4 days. The breakfast will last probably for two weeks.

Advantage of Meal Prepping

-Spend less money eating out
-Can whip up meals faster
-Easier to stay healthy
-More time during the week for other things


Meal Prepping

Greek yogurt chocolate chip pancakes (doubled the recipe)
-Kale and barley salad
-Chicken sausage
-Whole wheat waffles (used batter from pancakes)
Brown rice
-Soy chorizo and egg breakfast burritos
-Grilled chicken

Meal Options

Breakfast options:
Chocolate chip greek yogurt pancakes (freezing)
-Whole wheat waffles (freezing)
Oatmeal, fruit, and peanut butter
-Soy chorizo & egg breakfast burrito (freezing)
-Roasted sweet potato, eggs, avocado

Lunch & Dinner options:
-Kale barley salad with chicken sausage
-Grilled chicken, brown rice, steamed veggies
-Shrimp, Quinoa, Veggies
Quinoa Salad 

Snack options:
-Greek yogurt and granola
-Popcorn (plain without butter or salt)
-Hummus and carrots
-Fresh fruit
-Roasted chickpeas

You can do it!

Take a couple hours out of one day and meal prep. I promise you won’t regret it!

There have been plenty of times I have rushed out the door and meal prepping saved me. Find what works for you and just do it! More meal prepping ideas here.





You’re welcome Hannah! I’m so happy it help and thanks for following along on snap 😉


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