Breakfast Burrito

You can’t go wrong with a burrito for breakfast, especially when it’s homemade!! This recipe will help you make 10 (you heard me right, diez!) breakfast burritos to last you and the family during the week.

I know we all get caught up with life, but that’s no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day! Here are 3 top reasons you shouldn’t miss it:

1. Gets that metabolism going, which helps to burn calories throughout the day
2. Prevents you from bingeing at lunch, so don’t skip meals otherwise you will just eat everything in sight
3. You are more alert, focused, and energized


Breakfast Burrito


10 whole wheat tortillas (make sure first ingredient is whole wheat, and the less ingredients the better)
2 avocados, mashed
Greek yogurt
Feta cheese

1lb potatoes (any kind, just make sure they are small), dice
1 Lemon, juiced
Red Pepper Flakes
Garlic powder
Sea salt
1 tbsp olive oil

Scrambled Eggs
5 eggs
1/2 cup egg whites
1 cup bell peppers, finely diced (yellow bell pepper & red bell pepper)
Large handful of cilantro, chopped finely
1 cup cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Handful of green onions, chopped
1 serrano pepper, finely chopped

1. Dice potatoes into small pieces, place in glass bowl, and cover with saran wrap. Microwave for 3 minutes.

2. Mix potatoes, red pepper flakes, sea salt, garlic powder, olive oil, and lemon together. Bake at 425* for 25-30 minutes until crispy and golden.


3. Heat a large skillet and spray with olive oil on medium heat. When skillet is warm add mixed eggs/egg whites. As the eggs are cooking, add chopped veggies, salt, and pepper. Meanwhile, heat tortillas. When the eggs look mostly cooked, turn off heat and continue to toss (overcooked eggs do not taste good).

IMG_29124. Set up your station and start making that burrito! Lay down the tortilla, scrambled eggs, potatoes, mashed avocado, greek yogurt, and sprinkle with feta cheese. You could also top the burrito with mashed avocado and greek yogurt instead of putting it inside.

IMG_29135. Instead of assuming you know how to roll a burrito, I’ll show you how!

IMG_11546. Saran wrap the remaining burritos and refrigerate. Done

IMG_2939Now you have no excuse about skipping breakfast! Enjoy 🙂


Eat breakfast errryydayyyy!!!

Con amor, Fit Andy


Maria @ The Good Life

I am going to give this a try. I have tried to eat breakfast burritos in the morning but for some reason I have yet to find a good combo of flavors. Will let you know how it works out.

Good luck in SF!


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