Boxing Workout

One year ago I took my first boxing class. I instantly loved it and haven’t stopped since. It’s an amazing workout that combines different types of exercise, cardio, strength training, and HIIT. There is nothing better than hitting a bag, sweating it all out, and getting stronger.


Boxing tips for beginners

  • -A jab is always with your left hand and cross is with your right (if you are orthodox)
    -When you jab you step with your left foot
    -When you cross you pivot your right foot out (similar to swinging a baseball bat)
    -Form and technique is very important as a beginner, so don’t get too caught up in focusing on speed and power
    -Freestyle means you can throw any combo you want
    -Have distance between you and the bag, at least a jab length
    -Boxing stance is important for balance and mobility. If you are orthodox your left foot is forward and pointing toward the bag. While your right foot is back pointed outward.
    -Knees are slightly bend, body is loose not stiff
    -After each punch your fist always comes back to protect your face
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Warm up 2 x 30 seconds

2 sets for 30 seconds 
Jump rope
Burpee with push up
Mountain Climbers
Jumping jacks

Workout 2 x 3 rounds

100 straight punches (jab – cross)
100 hooks
100 uppercuts

Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross 1 min
Push ups 45 seconds
Upper Cut, Upper Cut, Jab, Cross 1 min
Jump lunges 45 seconds
Jab, Jab, Hook to body, Hook to face 1 min
Pulse squats 45 second

Boxing – freestyle (focus on form, technique, and breathing) 1 min
Speed- freestyle (fast punches) 1 min
Power – freestyle (hit hard) 1min

Tabata 8 sets = 4 mins

20 second freestyle
10 second rest

Abs 1 min each

Full sit ups
V ups
Bicycle crunches
Leg raises
Side plank :30
Side plank :30
Toe touches
Russian twists
Heel touches
Flutter kicks


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