Boston Marathon Race Weekend with CLIF Bar

Thursday – Night before flying to Boston

I saved all the packing for the night before.
Bathroom: Shampoo, conditioner, travel size toothbrush/paste, face wash
Food (mainly for plane): wheat thins, granola & greek yogurt, nuts, fruit, CLIF Bloks, oats, gatorade
Must have: Sleeping pills (I have the hardest time falling asleep when I’m not with my husband or in my own bed)IMG_1030I brought way too much stuff, but I had to be prepared for anything!

I brought tons of jackets, sweats, shorts, tanks, shirts, socks, race day throw away clothes, and 7 pairs of shoes. But, the most important things I had to remember were my 5K bib and my Boston Marathon race passport.

Friday – San Diego to Boston

 Breakfast before flying out: Water, Kale Smoothie, whole wheat waffle with jam, 2 scrambled eggsIMG_1045

San Diego to Boston was a 5 hour flight. As the plane was flying over Boston at sunset it finally hit me that I would be running the Boston Marathon on Monday!!!IMG_1087

As soon as my plane landed I was called by a CLIF Bar driver that was waiting for me outside. The driver showed me around Boston and even drove right past the Boston Marathon finish line. Once I got to the Lenox Hotel (only staying there for one night) I met up with Myles and the rest of Team CLIF Bar for dinner. I had a simple dinner, roasted chicken, veggies, and mashed potatoes. Soon after meeting everyone I hit the hay because I needed to be ready for the BAA 5K at 7am on Saturday (which is 4am Pacific Standard Time).


Team CLIF Bar and I walked to the BAA 5K start line, which is about a mile away from our hotel. I was excited to finally see more of Boston! I was such a tourist, taking pictures of everything – it’s so beautiful how can you not?IMG_1127

The BAA 5K start lineIMG_1132

With my CLIF Bar crew before the race! IMG_1138


I did it! I believe my time was 30 minutes or so, which was perfect! This 5K was meant to be taken nice and easy. IMG_4324

After the race we met back at the Lenox Hotel and had breakfast. I had bacon, eggs, roasted potatoes, and whole wheat toast with jelly.

Soon after breakfast I packed up my things and headed to CLIF Basecamp in Brookline. The house was kickass!!!!IMG_6903

I was the last runner to arrive at Basecamp and somehow got the master bedroom! I walked into gear, snacks, a book, backpack, and a beautiful view. Someone pinch me!!!IMG_1625The master bedroom view

CLIF put together an itinerary book for us, which included a short bio on all the runners in the house. Check out the badass photo they chose for me!IMG_1110

The house was stocked with CLIF products!IMG_7007IMG_9534

Soon after arriving to Basecamp and meeting everyone we were off to Fenway Park to watch the Red Box vs. Blue Jays. IMG_2303

CLIF Bar crew and I got on the field during batting practice.

View from our seats.

Couldn’t leave without getting a picture in my new Nike Free FlyknitIMG_3124

Around the 6th inning it was freezing cold and we were ready to head back to Basecamp.
IMG_1211Back at Basecamp, CLIF Bar had a few activities planned for us. The first was making our own custom CLIF Bar.

I named my bar Healthy AF that included chia seeds, dried mango, sunflower seeds, wild blueberries, and dark bittersweet chocolate. CLIF Bar will take our custom bar back to headquarters, make it, and then send us 6 custom bars!

The second activity was custom CLIF Cards Against Humanity. This version of cards against humanity was very PG, but still tons of fun. We drank wine/beer and ate take out thai food. It was a fun day!


Sunday morning we had tons of people meet at Basecamp for a 3 mile shakeout run. I was lucky enough to meet Scott Jurek and Ian Sharman, both who are incredible athletes and sponsored by CLIF Bar.

Photos by John Segesta 
OOHS0103 _GPL0501

After the run we walked into a transformed Basecamp, complete with an oatmeal bar. I chose oatmeal, berries, bananas, and almond butter.
IMG_8350 IMG_3209After breakfast we had a Dietitian Q&A and heard Scott and Ian talk about their nutrition. (I’m on the couch to the right looking at my phone but I swear I was listening!!)

The next activity was a scavenger hunt at Boston Market and a picnic after. IMG_5784

During our picnic all the runners chose what we wanted to eat for the morning of the race. I chose oatmeal, toast, almond butter, and strawberries. The same breakfast I usually have before my long runs.IMG_6022

CLIF revealed a new Nut Butter bar that is coming out in June! If you love peanut or almond butter you will LOVE these bars. IMG_5423

After our picnic we went to the finish line.

I feel so lucky to be running the 120th Boston Marathon and the 50th year that women have run in this race!!IMG_2947

Our photographer John Segesta took this photo on top of a ladder amidst the craziness!IMG_5576

We finally got our bibs! The expo was crazy, I left shortly after taking this photo. I was exhausted from the long day and went to take a nap.
IMG_1391After taking a much needed nap, I got ready for our CLIF Bar dinner. The dinner was catered by Chive Events and it was to die for. Wish I had photos to share but I was too busy chatting with some amazing people!

Monday – Race day

Woke up around 6/6:30am. I was nervous as hell! The good kind of nervous though, the nervous/excited ready to kick ass feeling.
Pre-race breakfast: oatmeal, fruit, almond butter, water


All of us runners were dropped off at the bus area to be transported to the start line in Hopkinton.

We waiting for about 45minutes until our wave was called so we could load the bus. The trip there took about 40-45mins.IMG_7699

Once we arrived we had to wait until our wave was called so we could head to the start line.

I planned on the weather being cold, but it was super hot! I had throwaway sweats, jacket, and gloves – that’s how unprepared I was for this weather. But, I had to reassure myself that I live in San Diego, I run in this weather all the time, and that I am ready for this race no matter what. IMG_2399

We walked for about 10 minutes or so to the start line.
There’s Only One Boston, and It All Starts Here! IMG_7684

After a few miles into the race my nerves were gone and I was cruising. I high fived everyone and read every poster! IMG_1543

A lot of things happened in between the picture above and the one below. Instead of spoiling all the fun right now I pinky promise to give you a race recap soon.

The finish line!
This was by far the hardest marathon I have ever ran.
I am so proud of myself for finishing and never giving up!!!

The aftermath of running 26.2 miles. After this photo I had a lot pizza and wine. IMG_0394

Tuesday – Boston to San Diego

I had an early flight back to San Diego. I was ready to see my husband and show off my medal to everyone!

Thank you CLIF Bar for an amazing experience!! I will never forget this trip/race!




Amazing job Andy! You worked/trained so hard for this race. What an incredible experience and thanks for sharing your photos.


Thank you so much!! It was amazing, I will never forget it 🙂


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