Baby Checklist 2 months out

We have slowly started getting ready for Cruz’s arrival, but I feel there is still so much left to do/get. To prevent feeling overwhelmed I have created this checklist. This has eased the stress and has helped me prioritize the things we need.


Things we have so far

Baby Letto Lolly Crib + strawberry crib sheets
•Backup crib sheets (bought a $10 one from Target)
•11 Swaddle blankets (few were given from Fourtified Family and I bought this one, this one, and this one – I was always aiming for 10 total)
•15 Newborn onesies (bought these at a consignment store)
•5/6 – 3-6 months onesies, few 6 month onesies**
•Grass bottle drying rack**
•5 pairs of infant socks**
•Moby Baby Carrier**
Serta Changing pad + changing pad cover**
•Portable swing**
•2 Bouncers**
Mountain Buggy Infant car seat and jogger stroller**
•3 Medela bottles**
•9 Dr. Brown’s Bottles**
Medela Breastmilk storage bags**
40 Infant Honest Company Diapers **
•3-140 count Newborn Diapers**
•Strawberry & banana teething toys**
•5 super soft and warm baby blankets**
•9 Receiving blankets**
•2 Breastfeeding covers**
•3-4 baby wash cloths**
•Kick & Play Piano Game**
•Over 20 baby books (from baby shower)**
•Oakland Raider onesies**
•1 pack of Burt’s Bees Baby Wipes
•2- 288 count Honest Baby Wipes**
•3 pairs of infant mittens**
•Crib mattress

**Gifts from family & friends. Don’t know how we could’ve done it without their help! Cruz is so loved!!

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Things we need to get

•Hospital outfit for Cruz
•Laundry detergent (one with simple ingredients and no fragrances)
Diaper trash bin
•Boppy Pillow
•Nursing pads
•Super absorbent pads for after delivery (this is embarrassing for me but it’s all part of the process)
•Baby carrier (already have 1 cloth one, but may want another for hiking/active things)
•Thermometer (not sure how soon we need this, but it won’t hurt)
•Car seat mirror
•Diaper backpack (may just use a backpack/bag we already have)
•Infant headbands and hats/beanies
•Bottle brush
•Burp cloth pack (may use swaddle/receiving blankets for this too)
•Burt’s Bees Baby bath stuff (shampoo, soap, lotion)
•Baby brush
•Baby nail clipper
•Baby bath towel
•Diaper rash cream (may hold off on this until she’s here) 

Things to do

•Create a birth plan (the main 2 things I want are cord delay and no bath until 24 hours)
•Hospital tour with hubs (I did it once by myself and doing another with Joey at 34 weeks)✓
•Find a pediatrician for baby (I asked another mother who lives in the area) ✓
•Call insurance to see if you get a free breast pump (I get a free one that will ship one month before due date. Don’t wait until a month out, at least put the order in) ✓
•Wash all of her clothes
•Finish decorating the nursery
•Baby moon with hubs ✓
•Pack hospital bag
•Make homemade bows (bought supplies from Michaels & Target)
•Freeze meals


32 Weeks Pregnant here on our Baby Moon to Flagstaff, AZ

Where to buy baby items

I have been buying items from Target, Amazon, Baby’s R Us (only because I had a gift card), consignment shop, hand me downs from friends (don’t ever turn any down because you never know what you will need).

Chill out

There’s only so much we can prepare for. Ultimately, her arrival, how much she will weigh at delivery, and what we will need is entirely up to her. So, we aren’t going to buy EVERYTHING we THINK we might need. We at least have the essentials like newborn onesies, car seat, stroller, diapers, wipes, and soooo much love to give her!

Since I’ve been pregnant I follow a lot of mamas on Instagram and I see all the fancy baby things they have. As amazing as these baby products look they usually cost a ton or might not really be necessary. There have been very few things we have splurged on for Cruz (her crib, fruit crib sheets & swaddle blankets), but other than that I have tried to be very conscious of the things we buy.

My best advice for any pregnant mama, just get what you REALLY need and once baby is here you will have a much better idea of what you need. And don’t buy a ton of stuff in the beginning, it’s really not necessary. I waited until our baby shower at 28 weeks and then after was when we slowly started buying things. And even now, a couple months after our baby shower, friends and family are still sending things (diapers, toys, blankets).

I’m so happy that my husband and I have been so patient and chill about what we need for her. And at the end of the day all she really needs is LOVE!!



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