Baby Checklist 1 Month Out

Hard to believe we are less than 1 month away from meeting Cruz Adriana! While I am feeling very uncomfortable and big as I write this at 37 weeks, I know I will miss my baby bump/being pregnant. It’s been a beautiful journey!

I also never thought I’d have this much done for her arrival. It was overwhelming when I did my 2 month out checklist, but I am proud to say we have gotten most of our shit done!


1 month out checklist

•Hospital bag & put it in the car ✓ [finally finished this at 37 weeks]

•Buy nursing bras ✓[bought at 35 weeks from Macy’s – it’s a sports bra and super supportive]

•Wash all her clothes and blankets ✓ [did this all at 36 weeks – best feeling ever to have it all done]

•Check up on status of breast pump ✓ [received it at 36 weeks]

•Learn how to work the breast pump & sterilize all parts ✓ [Did this at 38 weeks]

•Install car seat in car ✓ [thank you hubs for doing this]

•Relax [trying my best to do this, but at the same time I like to stay busy]

•Go on as many dates as possible [hope hubs see this one!]

•Deep clean house [Hired someone from groupon to deep clean at 37 weeks]

•Prenatal massage

•Mani/pedi ✓ [did this at 37 weeks, got a gel mani and pedi]

•Get hair cut [Getting a quick trim at 38 weeks]

•Freeze healthy meals [plan to freeze whole wheat waffles/ pancakes, breakfast potatoes with veggies, breakfast burritos, whole wheat lasagna with ground turkey, brown rice, homemade pinto beans, chicken teriyaki with veggies (crockpot freezer meal), veggie shrimp stir fry, sweet potato fries and possibly more depending on what my tiny freezer can hold]

•Try to get as much sleep/rest as possible


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