Avoid holiday weight gain


Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are nonstop from Thanksgiving to New Years with an abundance of food and alcohol. Consequently, exercise is put on the back burner or simply nonexistent. This must be from all the food comas, cold weather, or lack of motivation.

Just to give you an idea of how much we consume during the holidays, on average most people eat an estimated 6,000 calories on Christmas day. This leaves most people with unwanted weight gain by the time the new year rolls in.

There are two sides of this that I fully understand, one side being that we are only human and sometimes rather make memories, relax with family, and enjoy all the amazing food. But then the other side of this is knowing that we can’t just eat anything we want all throughout the holidays and not exercise. I believe the best way to be successful during the holidays is by practicing balance.

How I Have Been Successful

The only way I have been able to stay fit and healthy during the holidays is because I practice balance. This has been something that has evolved and has taken me some time to figure out. It’s not easy practicing moderation during this time of year, but I realized that when I bust my butt in the gym I am more likely to be mindful of what I put into my body. This does not mean I deprive myself from enjoying homemade tamales or red wine, but when I do indulge I workout/push myself even harder.

No matter how much I treat myself with unhealthy foods during the holidays, I always remember that one day of overindulging is not going to cause any dramatic change in my body or fitness level. It’s when one day of enjoying ourselves turns into a month long of overindulging that truly causes unwanted weight gain.


Did you know that running burns 50% more calories per mile than walking? Now let’s finish this year strong!

1/2 mile warm up
1 mile
1 min push ups
1/2 mile
1 min leg raises
1/2 mile
1 min box jumps
1/2 mile
1 min butterfly kicks
1/2 mile
1 min stairs
1 mile
1/2 mile cool down

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