Well hello there. I’m Andy!

I love fitness and nutrition more than you can imagine, so that’s how Fit Andy came about. I am a passionate, positive, and energetic woman living in San Diego, Ca Scottsdale, Arizona.

Currently, I am working toward getting my Masters in Nutritional Sciences to eventually become a Registered Dietitian. In the meantime, I work at Positive Choice Wellness Center as a Lifestyle Educator, and Brand Influencer for Finish Line.

Most importantly, I am pregnant!!! Hubs and I are so excited about finally starting a family.

Update on my life: I am a full time Mommy to Cruz Adriana. I hope to continue working toward becoming a RD soon and eventually be back in SD as a family of 3! 

Join me on my journey as I make healthy recipes, give nutrition tips, exercises, my life as a new mommy, and inspiration!