A day in the life of Cruzy & Mommy

A day in the life of Cruzy & Mommy

• 6:15am alarm goes off
6:30am nurse Cruz
6:50am quick breakfast, Banana Chia Seed Pudding
img_70147:15am arrive at Papago park – walk around for an hour with Daddy
senita-888:15am take daddy to work
9am arrive home and eat breakfast, Poached Egg Waffle Sandwich
IMG_138510:30am nurse Cruz
11:30am snack for Mommy & watch Netflix
11-11:30am Cruz plays on mat/ tummy time
12-1:15pm Cruz naps on my chest
1:30 Mommy eats lunch, wild rice, 1 cup roasted cauliflower, 3oz grilled chicken
IMG_37502pm workout at home – Booty Band Workout
Tips onMakingThe PerfectBreakfastFor Mom (2)2:50pm nurse Cruz
3:05pm Cruz fell asleep after feeding. Mommy watches some more netflix & surfs the internet
3-4pm Mommy blogs
4:30pm head to Movement Restoration for a 20 min ice bath
5:15pm pick up Daddy from work
5:45pm arrive home
6:15pm nurse Cruz
6:45pm make dinner – Roasted Sweet Potato Black Bean Bowl
IMG_36797:30pm Watch a movie with hubs & cruzy
9pm nurse Cruz and put her down for bed
10pm hubs and I go to bed


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