5 mile track workout

Currently I am training for my 4th full marathon! Even though it’s not for another 5 months I am working on building a solid foundation.


• Run 3x per week (short/easy run, track workout and a long run)
• Cross train 2x a week

Track Workout

This is where you build speed and if I want a 3:35 marathon time then I better bust my ass on the track.

1 mile warm up (pace was around 8:30-8:45)
8 x 400m sprint 200m jog (sprints were at 75% effort)
4 x 100m sprint 100m jog (sprints were at 85% effort)
1 mile cool (pace around 9-9:30)

I cut the workout just a little short due to time, but if you do the entire thing you should get 5.5 miles.

1 mile warm8 x 400m sprint with 200m jog 4 x 100m sprint with 100m walk 1 mile cool (1)

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