35 Weeks Pregnant

Week 35


Week & size of baby: 35 weeks preggo and Cruz is the size of a canary melon. What to Expect app says she’s roughly 19-22 inches & 5.5lbs.

Date: December 18-24, 2016

Trimester: 3rd trimester.

Weight gain: I will find out next week at my 36 week prenatal appointment.

I’m so happy how healthy my pregnancy has been and that I only gained what Cruz has needed. Don’t get me wrong, I have indulged but it was all in moderation. I have continued the same habits I had pre pregnancy and things have worked out great.

How many weeks left: 5 more weeks.

How I’m feeling: 
Workout: I’m having to modify more and more & it’s getting annoying (mainly at my group strength class). But, I’m thankful I’m still this active and that I am still enjoying the exercise.

Body: I’m having some back pain (specifically my subscapularis) which might be from the deadlifts I did last week at my Crossfit workout. I have seen a chiro twice this week to get adjusted and lots of back rubs from Joey.

Energy level: I’m pretty tired but still able to cook and workout. Missing the crazy energy I used to have!

Sleep: At least once a week I have a really bad night of horrible sleep. On Wednesday I couldn’t fall sleep until 1am and was wide awake at 6:30am. Part of the lack of sleep is because Cruz is kicking a ton and I’m just uncomfortable.

Favorite Recipes/Meals This Week: Ground Turkey & Bean Tostadas

Baby bump update:

Cruz items: We are finally checking off a ton of stuff from our 2 Month Out Baby Checklist. We got a few mittens, 6 newborn sock pack, 3 white newborn onesie pack, Burt’s Baby Bee lotion, items for my hospital bag, baby on board car sign, 1 pack of 7th generation baby wipes, Philips Avent pacifier, nail clippers, thermometer, brush and comb.

Best moment of the week: Getting a Christmas tree! It was the cutest/smallest tree ever, but it will be the one I will never forget. And making tamales on Christmas Eve with Joey!

Week 35 Workout: 

Sun: Rest

Mon: Bodi Strength Workout
{Modified: lateral banded squats instead of bear crawls, lat pull downs instead of pull ups, squats instead of standing side crunch}

Tues: 2 mile walk

Wed: .7 mile run & Bodi Strength Workout
{Modified: Pushup plank row was done on knees, glute bridges instead of v-ups, squats instead of tire side plank, lat pull downs instead of pull ups, TRX row instead of TRX pike up}

Thurs: Rest

Fri: 10 min bike warm up + strength workout = 38 mins total

Sat: 5k at a 9:04 pace
Xmas Eve!

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