34 Weeks Pregnant

Week 34


Week & size of baby: 34 weeks preggo and Cruz is the size of a PINEAPPLE!! I’ve been waiting for this week/fruit forever! What to Expect app says she’s roughly 19-22 inches, 4.9lbs.

Date: December 11-17, 2016

Trimester: 3rd trimester.

Weight gain: I had a 34 week doc appointment (no ultrasound) and I weighed 138lbs, 21lbs gained. 138lb blows my mind, but my face/arms/legs all still look the same so I know the weight gain is all going to Cruz!

How many weeks left: 6 more weeks.

How I’m feeling:  One day I’m super tired and then the next day I’m feeling good with lots of energy. I’m just riding the wave and working out/running errands when I have the energy. My body/baby ultimately chooses how my day looks.

I did have a small meltdown this week. I cried to Joey because I was so sick of being home all day but I was too tired to do anything. He solved the problem by taking me to see Moana and got me popcorn & candy. He is the BEST!

I think I am officially walking like a pregnant lady. My center of gravity has shifted since my bump has grown and I’m leaning backwards to accommodate the weight. It’s very subtle and Joey was the one to point it out. I think it’s kind of cute!

Soooo sore from my Cross fit workout, but I absolutely loved it! I think I should’ve taken it easy on the deadlifts because my subscapularis muscle has been really sore/tight.

Favorite Recipes/Meals This Week: Lots of healthy meals planned for this week!
img_0046 img_0047

Baby bump update:

Best moment of the week: I met with an advisor at ASU. I hope to get back on track with my Nutrition degree in Fall 2017. I’m really excited about being a Mom and still working towards my goals. I want to show Cruz you should never give up on your dreams.

Week 34 Workout: 

Sun: Rest (traveling back to AZ from Utah)

Mon: 2 mile run at 9:17 pace

Tues: 25 mins on elliptical + 4 rounds 10 reps: bicep curls, shoulder press, bent over rows, tricep extensions, chest press, bent over flys, hammer curls, ball slams

Wed: Rest (34 week prenatal doc appoint)

Thurs: Ran .57 miles + Cross fit workout at Fit Republic
(Front lunge with 55lbs, deadlifts with 75lbs)

Fri: Rest (sore hamstrings from Cross fit)

Sat: 4 mile run at 9:10 pace

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